Mini Excavators

If you require dependable equipment for your construction and renovation projects, come to Stowers Cat. We have several mini excavators for sale that demonstrate high-quality performance and include multiple features that get the job done right.

What a Mini Excavator Does


Excavators come in many sizes and are responsible for work on construction, residential and agricultural sites. 


While a standard excavator is often used for more intense work, the mini still offers a great deal of strength. Additionally, the boom is compatible with attachments that assist in every stage of a project, making the mini excavator exceedingly versatile and able to get a job done fast. Mini excavators also come with a cab for the driver. Consider a mini excavator for jobs like:


  • Fixing sewer lines.
  • Removing snow.
  • Installing in-ground pools.
  • Landscaping properties.


Benefits of a Mini Excavator


The mini excavator is beneficial in many ways. The machine more conveniently fits into small spaces, such as between houses and on highway construction sites, because of its size. It also weighs less, which means that it leaves fewer track marks on the ground. The size also makes mini excavators convenient for transportation because they fit perfectly in the back of a utility truck or trailer.


Their bucket sizes typically range from 12 to 24 inches, and Stowers Cat has excavator attachments that make any job a breeze. 


Why Do Business With Stowers Cat?


When you choose to buy from Stower Cat, you receive more than a warm welcome. We have a broad selection of equipment so that you can get the machine that works for you. Our mini excavators come in many models with different cab designs and digging depths.


While you look at our inventory, trust our team of workers to provide the help you need to make a well-informed decision. Once you have chosen a machine, we work with you through the financing process and follow up with you post-purchase to ensure the equipment meets your expectations.


Mini Excavators for Sale From Stowers Cat


As a Cat® dealer, we know how crucial reliable equipment is to a construction project. You need machinery you can count on, whether you are installing a new hot tub or fixing a road. That's why we represent a nationally recognized company with an impeccable reputation. Cat equipment is unlike any other equipment you can buy in quality, technology and longevity.


If you need a mini excavator that exceeds expectations, Stowers Cat has the selection you're looking for. Visit one of our six locations to see our excavators and learn more from our excellent team. Whichever area you stop by, we ensure you will see quality products and experience excellent customer service.


You can give us a call at 865-546-1414 or fill out an online contact form to get more information about Cat mini excavators today.


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