Undercarriage Service

When it comes to dozers, excavators and other material handling equipment, the undercarriage is one of the most essential parts. The importance of this component means that regular maintenance is vital to proper machine function. Heavy equipment undercarriage repair with an experienced service team helps support its reliable performance.

At Stowers Cat, we offer Cat® undercarriage service that includes everything you need for comprehensive maintenance, allowing your fleet to have cost-effective expert care. Our valuable services will restore your equipment’s undercarriage to its best shape so that you can return to work sooner.

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Cat Undercarriage Repair for Extended Life

Stowers Cat is prepared to provide any service necessary for your undercarriage. We understand the value your material handling equipment has for your business, so we strive to do all repairs quickly and correctly. After we complete your service, we will help you understand the function of your undercarriage and how to reduce the stress on its parts.

Undercarriage Assurance Programs

The Undercarriage Assurance Program at Stowers provides you with undercarriage systems at the lowest cost per hour. In addition to support for the standard new parts and machine warranties, we cover all of the moving undercarriage components on track-type loaders, tractors and hydraulic excavators by Caterpillar®.

Custom Track Service

Our custom track service (CTS) is an extensive program for undercarriage system management that allows you to make informed decisions and lower your operating costs. We will monitor your components’ performance and wear with advanced diagnostic equipment like the Ultrasonic Wear Indicator. These results will help you explore your maintenance options, create a service schedule and plan downtime when convenient for you.

Several Service Facilities Throughout East Tennessee

No matter your location in our region of East Tennessee, Stowers Cat is nearby, with service facilities located in East Knoxville, West Knoxville, Crossville, Sevierville, Kingsport and Chattanooga. At each location, our team is ready to provide Cat undercarriage repair for your fleet. We will assess the condition of your undercarriage and help you determine what your best maintenance options are.

Why Work With Stowers Cat?

For undercarriage repair in Tennessee, Stowers Cat is the place to go. We do more than just our job — we care about every customer and want to do all we can to ensure your success. Our repairs for undercarriage parts include expert maintenance and dedicated customer service, resulting in top service and support.

If your equipment needs undercarriage repair, contact us today through our contact form or by phone at 865-546-1414.

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