Rental Equipment in Knoxville, TN and Surrounding Areas

The right equipment is vital to the success of construction, landscaping and agricultural projects. But the companies, organizations and individuals taking on these projects don’t always need to make a huge investment in purchasing equipment that they will not use for every project. That’s why it’s ideal to rent Cat® construction equipment in Knoxville and other communities throughout East Tennessee.


When you choose rental equipment, you can get the capabilities and performance you need in the short-term. And there’s no better place to find Knoxville heavy equipment rental than Stowers Cat. You’ll find a range of options to meet your needs. We also provide outstanding customer service and support that ensures you get the most out of your equipment rental.

The Benefits of Renting

Choosing to rent rather than buy equipment delivers a number of benefits to you and your operation. For example, you’re able to meet short-term needs by renting equipment. Perhaps an upcoming project requires a specific task that equipment in your current fleet can’t accomplish. A short-term rental fills that gap in your fleet’s capabilities.

Rental options also come in handy when your existing fleet is working at its capacity and you need a short-term way to expand that capacity. Some of your machines may also be out for repairs or maintenance, and renting equipment is a good way to keep your operations moving forward without interruption. And, finally, rental equipment is a great way to test out a specific machine before you make the investment to buy it.

Your Many Rental Options

Are you looking for Cat construction equipment for rent in Knoxville and the surrounding areas? You’ll find the many options you’re looking for at Stowers Cat. We offer rental options on Cat equipment, heavy equipment from other manufacturers, trench shoring equipment, power systems, as well as aerial equipment such as boom and scissor lifts.

All equipment in our rental fleet meets the highest standards for quality. These are machines designed and manufactured by leading brands. They have long track records of delivering durable, reliable products that perform under even the harshest conditions. Get the most value for your heavy equipment rental in Knoxville, TN when you choose to rent from Stowers Cat.

Visit One of Our Locations

We meet the needs of customers throughout East Tennessee by offering locations in Knoxville, Crossville, Sevierville, Kingsport and Chattanooga. We know how important access to quality equipment can be for construction, landscaping and agricultural operations. Our network of locations is designed to quickly respond to the unique needs of our many clients. Stop by one of the locations listed here to talk to someone about Cat construction equipment for rent.

Choose Stowers Cat

As one of the top Cat dealers in the country, Stowers Cat is committed to quality in everything we do. We provide access to quality Cat construction equipment for rent, and we’re committed to delivering outstanding customer service you can count on. When you need Knoxville heavy equipment rental and rental options throughout East Tennessee, find the best options at Stowers Cat.

Contact us to learn more about heavy equipment rental in Knoxville, TN and the nearby areas.