Cat VisionLink™, powered by Trimble, is a web-based application that enables you to better manage the maintenance, health, and utilization of your heavy equipment


How Does VisionLink Work?

VisionLink makes use of data collection hardware, called Product Link, that is installed on your Cat machine. Product Link accumulates a variety of information about your machine, including its total hours of operation, fuel consumption and overall condition. By accessing VisionLink via any Internet connection, you can get real-time updates concerning the health of your machine, as well as receive alerts by email or SMS messaging.

What are the Benefits of VisionLink?

In addition to providing early detection of potential maintenance issues, VisionLink makes it easy and convenient to:

  • See equipment location and runtime
  • View equipment at a glance in Fleet Summary
  • Monitor fuel burn and asset usage in a day-by-day or hour-by-hour view
  • Customize views for specific groups of equipment by yard, jobsite, machine type, etc.
  • Compare working time vs. idle time to improve efficiency
  • Create boundaries and alerts for email updates of where your equipment is and how it’s performing.
  • Track PM services, receive emails when the next service is coming due, and click to order parts

VisionLink is Easy to Use

VisionLink is designed for maximum ease of use, even if you’re implementing a remote equipment monitoring application for the first time. If you’re already an Equipment Manager user, you’ll enjoy a smooth transition to the VisionLink technology.

VisionLink Login

Extensive fleet management with the touch of a button.