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Stowers Power Systems is your one-stop shop for rental of Atlas-Copco and Sullair air compressors, generators from 25Kw to 2000Kw, Cat/York air conditioning and heating units, chillers, and BBA pumps.


Cat® Power Equipment Rentals in East Tennessee

When you need electricity on-demand, our power generation equipment rentals deliver. Stowers Cat is east Tennessee’s source for mobile generators from Caterpillar — one of the oldest, most trusted and most recognized names in the industry. Our inventory includes options suited for virtually any scenario, whether you’re looking for temporary power or equipment to keep things running as normal during an outage.

These low-voltage systems come in a range of models in different sizes, powered by diesel or natural gas. They are designed to handle varying loads and feature prime ratings that span from 20 ekW (35 kVA) up to 2,000 ekW (22811 kVA).

Voltage and frequency vary by model, as do generator dimensions, fuel capacity and fuel consumption rate — but all come with Cat fuel-efficient engines to help keep your overhead low. If you’re unsure of which model you need or want a second opinion, our team can help you determine the right one to match your requirements.

When Should You Rent Power Generation Equipment?

Power equipment rentals are often the easiest way to get the electricity you require. The Cat mobile generator sets we carry come in a wide range of sizes, and you can use them for:

  • Powering work sites: A mobile generator is an excellent solution for powering construction sites and remote work locations without grid power access.
  • Emergency power: A Cat generator is ideal for ensuring business continuity if you lose access to grid power or have a system down for maintenance or repair.
  • Temporary power: Power equipment rentals are also useful for getting the electricity you need to accommodate a special event or handle heightened demand on your system.

Planning Your Rental

Whether you have some time to prepare or you’re in a lurch and need something fast, you’ll want to weigh your options to help you make the right call on which model to select. You might also want to prep your facility. Take a minute to consider the following questions.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Make sure you have enough power to run all the systems you need:

  • For facilities: Do you want to keep running your business at full power, or are you looking for something to power priority systems only, like life-support equipment and critical infrastructure? You’ll also want to consider the things that make your property safe like lighting, security systems and HVAC equipment. They’ll probably need power, too.
  • For remote work sites: If you need electricity at a construction site or remote location, make sure you get enough to power all the systems on-site. Take an inventory of all the systems you want to run to determine how much voltage and amperage you need to provide.

Where Do You Plan to Put Your Generator?

When your generator arrives, it pays to have a designated place you intend to put it. Having a space cleared and prepared will ensure you get connected as fast as possible and help you avoid any unexpected surprises on the day of pickup or delivery. If you’re planning on picking your rental equipment up from us, make sure you plan ahead and have a truck or trailer capable of supporting the weight.

The Benefits of Partnering With Stowers Cat

With a rental from Stowers Cat, you get access to the latest model equipment when and where you need it — and without having to make a significant capital investment. We have multiple locations across east Tennessee, including Chattanooga, East and West Knoxville, Sevierville and the Tri-Cities, all with a wide selection of models on-hand.

Rent from us, and can you can count on:

  • Expert assistance: Our team has the know-how to determine which model will provide the right amount of power to meet your needs. We know this equipment inside and out, and we’ll make sure you have the correct unit and accessories to get the job done.
  • Delivery and logistics: With our power equipment rental in east Tennessee, you can choose to pick your rentals up and haul them off — or have us arrange delivery at a time that works for you. Our team can also help you run connections and provide on-site training.
  • Top-quality rentals: The rentals we have are all maintained in top condition by experienced factory-trained technicians. We’ll make sure your rental delivers the power you need with on-site maintenance and repair, or, if necessary, an emergency replacement.
  • Flexible contracts: Our rental agreements are designed to be affordable and flexible to accommodate your needs. Let us know how long you need to book your power generation equipment rental for, and we’ll set you up with a competitive rate.


Find the Right Power Equipment Rental in East Tennessee

Talk to the Stowers Cat team about scheduling a power generation rental in east Tennessee today. We’ll go over your needs and help you determine which model will do the job with the lowest operational cost.

Visit a location near you to browse our inventory and talk to one of our rental experts. You can also get started using our contact form or by calling 1-865-546-1414 today.