Asphalt Pavers

At Stowers Cat, we have a large selection of new Cat® asphalt pavers for sale. These powerful machines offer the exceptional performance and durability that you expect from the Caterpillar® brand. Whether you need to pave a city street or a rural area with difficult underfoot conditions, Cat asphalt pavers get the job done.

What Type of Asphalt Paver Do You Need?


Asphalt pavers play an essential role in roadwork and landscaping projects of all sizes. The best paver for your job will depend on the terrain you are working on and other job specifications like time frame and budget. Caterpillar manufactures three types of pavers to provide solutions for every paving job. At Stowers, we carry models in each category:


  • Track asphalt pavers: The tracks on these pavers provide even weight distribution, making them ideal for paving uneven and hard-to-navigate terrain.
  • Wheel asphalt pavers: These pavers have rubber tires for fast traveling speeds and bump-absorbing undercarriages for smooth paving, so they are a perfect choice for projects that require a lot of paver movement.
  • Screeds: Screeds are versatile paving machines that can operators can configure to match all kinds of paving applications. They serve especially well in urban and commercial applications because of their ability to cover many different paving widths.


You will find models of each type of paver in our inventory, all with different engines, horsepower capabilities and other unique features so that you can select a machine that meets your exact needs.


Why Buy a New Cat Asphalt Paver?


New Cat asphalt pavers help you complete your work quickly and precisely. All Cat asphalt paver models have independent feeder systems for even paving, ventilation systems to protect the operator and machine components from hazardous fumes, and electronic self-diagnostics to improve maintenance. These advanced features increase your productivity while keeping maintenance costs low.


With its unparalleled efficiency and strength, a new Cat asphalt paver will be an invaluable addition to your fleet.


Why Buy From Stowers?


We maintain a vast selection of high-quality equipment that you can rely on to get your job done. The Cat pavers for sale in our inventory have wide-ranging capabilities, so you are sure to find the right solution for any project requirements.


At Stowers, our goal is to help you succeed, so we lend our expertise throughout the purchasing process. We help you navigate your equipment options and make the best choice for your application. We also assist you with financing and provide ongoing after-sale support to ensure your paver remains in peak condition.


Visit One of Our Six Locations


Stowers Cat has been providing reliable Cat equipment to businesses and contractors in East Tennessee for 60 years. We have six locations throughout the state, including Chattanooga, Kingsport, Sevierville, Crossville, West Knoxville and East Knoxville. Visit one of our stores for an up-close look at our inventory and to meet our expert team.


For more information about our Cat asphalt pavers for sale, submit our online contact form or give us a call at 865-546-1414.

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