Used Excavators for Sale

Construction and landscaping crews across the country utilize excavators for projects of all sizes. These machines allow an operator to holes and trenches for setting the foundation around buildings and other large structures. If your team is expanding and needs additional equipment, you're in luck.

2022 Cat 304
  • Price$68,000
  • Hours523
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2021 Deere & Co. 50G
  • Price$49,000
  • Hours2,179
  • LocationChattanooga, TN
2013 Deere & Co. 85G
  • Price$60,000
  • Hours2,190
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2019 Bobcat E42
  • Price$52,000
  • Hours1,414
  • LocationChattanooga, TN
2021 Cat 310
  • Price$110,000
  • Hours3,262
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2022 Cat 306
  • Price$88,000
  • Hours630
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2023 Cat 306
  • Price$94,000
  • Hours573
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2012 Cat 301.8C
  • Price$14,000
  • Hours2,301
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2022 Cat 305E2
  • Price$70,000
  • Hours470
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2016 Non-cat Attachments VI035
  • Price$24,000
  • Hours1,741
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2020 Cat 304E2
  • Price$64,000
  • Hours1,168
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2023 Kubota Tractor Corporation KX018-4
  • Price$32,000
  • Hours35
  • LocationChattanooga, TN
2023 Cat 303
  • Price$62,000
  • Hours89
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2021 Cat 303.5
  • Price$58,000
  • Hours39
  • LocationKnoxville, TN
2020 Cat 306
  • Price$86,000
  • Hours1,284
  • LocationKnoxville, TN


Why Buy Used Cat® Excavators?


Used excavators from Stowers Machinery Corporation enhance levels of productivity at competitive prices. We understand that no two construction ventures are exactly the same, so we cater to businesses large and small with a number of options for a work crew. Of course, there are dozens of manufacturers on the market to choose from, but no other equipment can adapt to your environment quite like Cat products.


Why buy Cat excavators from Stowers? Our professionals will take the time to learn more about your needs to match you with the perfect machine. While any of our excavators will serve you well, we'll consider your daily practices to assist with selections involving bucket sizes, weight capacities and further attachments. In other words, we will make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.


Discover excavator listings organized by model, year and price point to suit your industry applications and budget. We encourage customers to keep bucket sizes and machine dimensions in mind when they shop for used Cat excavators. Smaller builds are ideal for precise digging, while larger machines are engineered to complete projects with a faster turnaround.


Benefits of Used Cat Excavators


Stowers wants to transform your construction or landscape business by helping you reduce the need for physical labor. Cat equipment is optimized for efficiency and functionality, so our excavators feature safe housing areas in which workers can sit comfortably with controls for operation. These heavy-duty machines allow drivers to rotate freely with the ability to dig, lift and drop materials as you see fit.


Improve working conditions involving mulch, demolition, material handling and more with selections at Stowers Machinery Corporation. Our used excavators are equipped with rugged tracking for navigation across dirt, grass and uneven terrains. When you purchase an industry-leading Cat excavator, you'll be adding a reliable piece of equipment to your lineup — one you can trust for years to come.


Buy Used Excavators in Chattanooga and Surrounding Locations


One of the best parts of working with Stowers is our dedication to customer support in East Tennessee. Aside from listings in Knoxville, our professionals are actively working to connect customers with top brands in Crossville, Sevierville, Kingsport, and Chattanooga. Depending on your preference, we can guide you through every step of the financing process and check-in routinely to see how your Cat excavator is working out post-purchase.


Increase Job Site Efficiency With Stowers


Stowers Machinery Corporation specializes in powerful equipment for construction, landscaping and agricultural applications. No matter if you're looking for new, used or rental listings, our experts will treat you like family and focus on excavator selections for your trade. If you need assistance with any of our machines, be sure to fill out a contact form today.


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