Power System Service

When your power systems need maintenance or repair services, we have the experience and commitment to quality you need to get your power systems running smoothly again. Stowers Cat is East Tennessee’s number one source for maintenance services for Cat® power systems. Whether your backup generator has failed or you simply want to schedule routine generator maintenance visits, choose Stowers Cat as your trusted partner for power systems service.

Fast Power Generation Repair in Tennessee

A continuous, properly functioning power source is critical for your facility’s operations. Power system failure can happen for numerous reasons, but when it does, you need a power generation repair service you can trust to restore your power source as quickly as possible.

Stowers Power of East Tennessee offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services for Cat generators, all of which are handled by experienced technicians who are highly trained in Caterpillar® machinery services. When you experience power problems with your Cat machinery, we’ll come to your location, diagnose the issue and perform on-location repair services to help your business get up and running again.

From critical generator component repairs to UPS inspections, our skilled technicians provide a full range of Cat repair and maintenance services for any facility that utilizes Cat generators and other Cat power machinery.

Our Power Repair and Maintenance Services for Cat Generators

All power systems need to be repaired every once in a while — but it happens less frequently if you already schedule routine maintenance services. Because power generators typically run most of the day or even all day, they’re going to run into eventual wear and tear issues or even power failure. That’s why Stowers Cat provides fast, comprehensive Caterpillar machinery repair and maintenance services to customers in the region, even in emergencies.

Our range of Caterpillar power systems services includes:

  • Caterpillar generator repair and maintenance
  • Backup generator repair and maintenance
  • UPS inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Air compressor repair and maintenance
  • ATS and switchgear services
  • Industrial engine rebuilds

In addition to the offerings above, we also provide routine maintenance packages for a wide range of Cat power systems and machinery. We use cutting-edge measurement tools and equipment to assess the conditions of each component of your Cat power systems and provide both on-site and in-shop repair services for East Tennessee businesses.

Benefits of Stowers Cat Electric Power Generation Service

Every facility that uses Cat power systems can benefit tremendously from electric power generation services. At Stowers Cat, we offer top-quality Cat power system services that help you keep your business’s power on and running optimally. From 24-hour emergency generator repair services to our extensive selection of Cat machinery maintenance packages, you’ll find all the services you need with Stowers Cat.

When you partner with Stowers Cat, your business will enjoy the benefits of having a fully equipped team close by to provide dozens of Cat generator maintenance and repair services when you need them most. We’re dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service in the area, and we continue to build relationships with our customers through our customer-centric business practices.

Contact Stowers Cat for Power Systems Service

If you need maintenance services for Cat generators or power generation repair in East Tennessee, speak to a customer representative at 865-546-1414 or fill out our contact form.