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Stowers Machinery Corporation, including Stowers Power Systems and Stowers Rents (collectively referred to as “Stowers”), is committed to providing customers with the best service possible in the field and online. Stowers respects the online privacy of its customers and suppliers and is committed to protecting personal information. This privacy statement is not a binding contract or enforceable representation and confers no legal rights or obligations, but explains the practices of Stowers relative to the privacy of personal or corporate information.

Information may be automatically collected from customers, suppliers, and others when they visit this website, or furnished by customers, suppliers, or others to Stowers. This information may be shared with Stowers personnel, internet-technology professionals, subsidiaries, divisions, and entities and persons affiliated with Stowers or engaged by Stowers for lawful purposes. Stowers does not sell or rent such information to any unaffiliated third-parties and exercises reasonable efforts to keep the information secure; however, Stowers is not liable for any theft, disclosure, or dissemination of such information by cyberattack or other unlawful or unauthorized access such as ransom-attacks, hacking, phishing, or otherwise. Stowers may disclose aggregated information about users, and information that does not identity individual users, without restriction. Stowers may also disclose personal identifying information necessary to comply with any court order, law, regulation, or legal process, including any government, court, or regulatory request. Stowers does not knowingly collect personal information from
children under 13 and intends to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Stowers may maintain the information collected to provide improved services, analyze business data and marketing, or other lawful purposes. Data collection devices, such as cookies, may be
use through this website in order to deliver customized visitor experiences or analyze website user metrics or other lawful purposes. Clicking on links and banners on this website may lead to other websites subject to third-party privacy policies. For any questions about this privacy
statement, contact us at dsf@stowerscat.com.