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Used Backhoes for Sale

Business owners and managers working in agriculture, landscaping and construction need a trustworthy fleet of backhoes for digging, trenching and relocating raw materials. What used to take crews hours to complete can now be knocked out in just a matter of hours thanks to Stowers' inventory of used equipment at cost-friendly prices. Our high-quality machines are brought to you by industry-leading manufacturers such as Caterpillar® for the dependability you require for a job-well-done.

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Transform Your Business With a Used Cat® Backhoe Loader


Outdoor building projects require careful attention and planning. Whether your company performs demolitions, tree stump removals or roadwork, a used backhoe loader will keep your team safe and eliminate the need for back-breaking efforts. Adding Stowers' equipment to your existing fleet is like having dozens of extra hands help you meet project deadlines instantly.


At Stowers Cat, we take the time to listen to the details surrounding your responsibilities. All of our used backhoe loaders are organized by year and will enable you to assess features and specifications to match your requirements. Purchasing a Cat® backhoe loader from Stowers is the best way to ensure that your investment is ready for new opportunities, as machines require little upkeep and maintenance between jobs.


Benefits of Backhoe Loader Machines


Used backhoe loaders from Stowers give businesses the best of both worlds with the ability to carry heavy loads and tear through surfaces. Operators sit in an enclosed area, where they have access to controls for both sides of the vehicle, for protection. Purchasing a used backhoe loader will reduce the need for multiple machines and can shorten timelines with a full shovel-bucket in the front and excavator attachments toward the back.


All backhoe loaders at Stowers showcase durable compact designs ideal for maneuvering through narrow work zones. Equipped with wheels for all terrains, crews can easily transfer dirt, rocks, piping, wood, debris and more to desired locations in no time. Experts at Stowers understand that there's an endless number of manufacturers on the market, but none of them compete with the long-lasting results and overall power of genuine Cat machines.


Buying Used Backhoe Loaders in East Tennessee


Stowers Machinery Corporation is proud to support local businesses across East Tennessee. We welcome customers to browse our used backhoe loader listings online, and we want you to stop by one of our six locations within Knoxville, Crossville, Sevierville, Kingsport and Chattanooga. In the event that your fleet is out of date, used equipment is an excellent route for upgrading technology with your specialty trade and budget in mind.


Sales representatives at Stowers will exceed your expectations with product support on new, used and rental machines. We'll check in with you post-purchase, assist with financing and connect you with the right equipment for efficiency.


Upgrade Equipment With Stowers Cat


Stowers is one of the top Cat dealers in the United States, and we treat our customers like family. If you're operating in the fields of construction, landscaping or agriculture, allow us to help upgrade your current fleet with our vast inventory of used backhoes for sale. The days of shoveling, cutting down trees and spreading materials by hand are in the past, as our machines can provide solutions for your daily tasks.


Search our inventory of high-quality backhoe loaders online, and feel free to reach out if you need help during the selection process. For additional information about any of our used listings in East Tennessee, give us a call at 865-546-1414, or fill out a contact form with Stowers today.


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