Used Power Systems

Investing in your East Tennessee business while curbing expenses is a profitable decision. Get started today when you purchase reliable used power equipment.

Why Buy Used

With used equipment, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Lower upfront costs: Save excess capital for other strategic or pressing business needs. Used equipment typically costs less to insure, too.
  • Immediate availability: Take possession of your equipment immediately and put it in the field in less time.
  • Fewer depreciation costs: Retain equipment value longer with new-to-you machinery.
  • Wide selection: Choose from an extensive range of products — the used equipment market is sizeable.
  • Feature upgrades: Enjoy perks on existing models that may have been out of your price range when buying new.

Types of Used Power Generation Equipment

Stowers Cat in East Tennessee has a wide selection of used models. You’ll find a robust inventory for your business all backed by quality, including:

  • Air compressors: Power your pneumatic tools quickly and reliably.
  • Mobile generator sets: Power your work site off-grid during an emergency or temporary outages.
  • On-highway truck engines: Power your larger Cat equipment with the only engine designed by experts at Caterpillar.
  • Diesel and natural gas stationaries: Generate power for fixed locations with the fuel source of your choice.
  • System components: Locate motors and more for your existing equipment at low prices without compromising quality.
  • Water and trash pumps: Take the hassle out of cleaning up job sites with water and small debris.

Things to Consider When Buying Used Equipment

Machinery today has a long lifespan thanks to advancements in technology and quality. Buying used equipment is a practical solution when you take the following steps to ensure your investment is a good one:

  • Work with a reputable dealer: Look for expertise, service and support after the sale. There’s no substitute for experience and a good reputation.
  • Inspect the equipment: Check that the running hours, operability, and signs of existing wear and tear are within normal ranges for equipment age and use. Power generation equipment that’s deployed only in emergency situations should exhibit low running hours.
  • Verify the warranty: Confirm the details and transferability of any existing warranty balance.
  • Know your buying power: Work with a finance company, your dealer or your bank to understand your purchase budget.

The Importance of Proper Equipment Maintenance and Service

One particularly useful step you’ll want to take before purchasing used power generation equipment is reviewing the existing maintenance and service records. Preventive maintenance keeps small issues from becoming larger ones that can take your equipment out of service. Adhering to manufacturer recommendations for upkeep also prolongs the useful life of the equipment, so you’ll need to replace machinery less often.

Browse Our Large Selection of Used Power Systems for Sale

When you’re looking to make a profitable investment in your business while reducing expenses, visit Stowers Cat. We have six locations throughout East Tennessee to serve your company needs. Our experts guide you step-by-step on choosing the right equipment, financing options and after-sale service and support. Contact an experienced member of the Stowers team today to learn more.