Stowers Machinery Corporation understands the importance of having high-quality heavy equipment. We help government agencies maximize their budgets with advanced equipment tailored to their operations.

Types of Equipment

Governments and municipalities often have a lot on their hands as they complete public works. Stowers Machinery Corporation offers numerous types of equipment for anything from construction work to waste management and paving. Equipment and machine options you will find at our locations include:

View our full inventory of new Cat® machines online to see everything we can provide for governmental projects.


Benefits of Working With Stowers Cat®

Working with Stowers for equipment rentals to complete school, government or other public works projects offers numerous benefits. Our team will do everything possible to ensure your group can find the products necessary to complete your tasks. Partnering with Stowers Cat allows you to:

  • Reduce risk and save time: Stowers Machinery Corporation will assist you with procuring top-of-the-line equipment whenever you need it.
  • Access service conveniently: We have a team of experienced professionals to help improve, maintain and repair your equipment as needed to maximize uptime.
  • Buy or rent: Find machines for purchase or rental to fit your agency’s needs. Renting can provide flexibility in maintenance requirements and overall costs for jobs you perform less consistently.
  • Access to experts: Stowers employs knowledgeable team members with in-depth experience working on Cat machines. We also have experience in every industry you might work in as a government entity, allowing us to provide advice and recommendations when necessary.
  • Partner with a neighbor: Stowers Machinery Corporation knows the area around Knoxville and throughout East Tennessee, and we want to see our community thrive. We will help you through the entire purchase or rental process, answer questions and provide any services needed to ensure your equipment is living up to your expectations.


How We Support the Governmental Buying Process

Stowers Cat focuses on making the buying process as efficient as possible for government agencies. To enhance your purchasing experience, we offer:

Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing at Stowers Cat lets you quickly access the heavy equipment you need for government jobs while meeting budgetary constraints. This program will help you with life cycle cost calculation to see how much the machine will cost over the course of its life span.

Cat dealers like Stowers Machinery Corporation can offer purchasing agreements from Sourcewell and OMNIA Partners. Our total cooperative purchasing agreements also cover parts, service, rental and used equipment.

Bid Specifications From Caterpillar

You can also access bid specifications for Cat equipment through our online platform. Start by selecting the machine you are looking for, then submit your information. The team will get back to you with the bid specifications for the model you requested.

Contact Stowers for Heavy Equipment for Your Organization

At Stowers Cat, we work to ensure government services contractors, schools and other agencies have efficient access to top-tier new and rental equipment. We have an extensive inventory of Cat machines for anything from construction to landscaping to roadwork. With buying programs, service experts and local teams, your agency can rest assured Stowers Cat will do what’s necessary to help you succeed.

Please contact us online today or call a representative to get started.