When temperatures drop, you need a solution to warm your job site. An industrial heater rental helps you get ahead of the winter season by allowing you to control your environment. With a commercial heater, you'll keep your projects on track and prevent cold weather damage.

At Stowers Cat, we have high-capacity industrial heaters for rent. We offer flexible rental periods and affordable rates to accommodate all your needs.

Maxi-Heat 500iQ
  • Input Rating
    1,010,000 btu
  • Power
  • Air Output
    6200 cfm

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What Is a Commercial Heater?


A commercial or industrial heater produces thermal energy through heat transfer. Commercial heaters can be used for many applications, including:


  • Heating a tent, garage or other space without integral heating.
  • Warming a job site not yet equipped with climate control.
  • Providing additional heat during a cold snap.


Types of Commercial Heaters


There are four main types of commercial heaters:


  • Forced air heaters: These models use air as their heat transfer medium, making them highly cost-efficient.
  • Radiant heaters: Instead of heating the air, radiant heaters warm people and objects in a small space.
  • Infrared heaters: Infrared heaters transfer energy from high-temperature objects to low-temperature objects using electromagnetic radiation.
  • Electric space heaters: These heaters are small, self-contained devices compatible with most wall outlets.



What to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Heater Rental


When you're choosing a commercial heater to rent, there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Planned usage: Choosing the right heater depends largely on how you plan to use it. Factors like how many people are on your site, how long you'll be using the heater and what temperature you need the heater to reach are all crucial points to consider.
  • The size of your site: The specs of your space also play a major role in your decision. The square footage, ceiling height and voltage capacities of your electrical outlets must all accommodate your heater rental.



Why Rent Commercial Heaters?


An industrial heater rental from Stowers Cat offers many benefits, including:


  • Affordability: A commercial heater rental allows you to control the temperature of your space without investing in a more expensive long-term solution.
  • Flexibility: If you need short-term or one-time heating, a commercial heater rental is an ideal choice. At Stowers Cat, you'll find industrial heaters for rent in various sizes and power capacities to fit any requirement.
  • Convenience: Commercial heaters are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. We also provide any service the machine needs for the duration of your rental.
  • Reliability: When you rent a commercial heater from Stowers Cat, you'll receive a reliable machine that delivers superior performance. We carry equipment from industry-leading brands like Caterpillar so that you can trust the quality of our rentals. You can also turn to our expert team at any time for assistance.


Rent Commercial Heaters From Stowers Cat


Stowers Cat has the selection you need to find industrial heater rentals that will help your business succeed. Get in touch with us to learn more about our options and request a quote, or use our store locator to find your nearest dealership and discuss your needs in person.

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