Cat® Certified Used Equipment

Is an investment in brand new equipment not feasible for your business? Used equipment can provide flexibility for your budget, but you need to know that you’re adding a reliable machine to your fleet. What if you could obtain the highest value in authentic Cat machinery for less? Luckily, that’s where Cat Certified Used equipment comes in.

Cat Certified Used indicates products that adhere to exceptional service standards. They’re chosen for their prime condition by qualified Cat experts and refurbished with genuine Cat parts. Dealers go to great lengths to prepare these pre-owned machines so they perform like-new for their next owner.

How Does Equipment Achieve Certified Status?

Every single Cat Certified Used machine must travel through a series of inspections, tests and documentation. Here’s what the standardized process looks like.

Selecting Qualified Equipment

Stowers Cat technicians hand-select a gently used, low-hour machine from the pre-owned fleet and conduct an initial assessment. The equipment needs to have a detailed history report and must be assembled less than five years ago.

140-Point Inspection

Inspectors evaluate the entire machine from the inside out — every system and every function. They run the equipment and check performance benchmarks, engine efficiency and hydraulics. Technicians use precision measuring tools and electronic diagnostic devices to examine critical points like machine track and control modules. The scope includes the operating cab and the work tools as well.

To be considered in good condition, a component cannot have any visual damage, mechanical problems, significant wear, leaks or any related safety issues. Otherwise, it must be noted for individual repairs or replacement.

Maintenance and Replacements

Whatever problems the inspection identifies, certified and experienced technicians then perform all necessary services. The equipment also receives a tune-up according to maintenance guidelines, including cleaning and checking fluids. Any worn or outdated parts are swapped for genuine replacements from Caterpillar®. All this happens at a full-service Stowers Cat location with the tools, analysis instruments and components for the job.

Certificate and Warranty

A machine officially earns its Cat Certified Used status once the dealer completes a final report. Lastly, Caterpillar backs the model with a warranty that matches the overall condition of the equipment. The listing can now display the Cat Certified Used symbol of quality, and representatives have all the specs to prove it.

Benefits of Cat Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

Cat Certified Used machines are more affordable, but there’s much more value than that for an owner. It’s an assurance that the model will perform at maximum capabilities the moment it arrives at the job site.

Knowing Your Sources

When an ordinary seller cannot show you the history behind a piece of equipment, that’s a risk not worth taking. What did the previous owner use the machine for? Was it routinely maintained and repaired when necessary?

Cat Certified Used products have the facts available about the operating past, including confirmation that the service intervals were met, especially when sourced from our protected rental fleet. As a result, you’re making an informed decision and know that a machine meets our quality standards — and yours.

New Machine Features

While buying a used Cat machine for sale, you don’t have to compromise on what you can achieve. The Cat Certified Used lineup consists of recent-generation models. They’re equipped with the latest upgrades in fuel efficiency, safety and operator comfort using many of the same features that roll out from the factory today. Altogether, you’re investing in cutting-edge engineering that can provide a significant boost to your productivity.

Peace of Mind

A Caterpillar warranty is provided with every CCU purchase, helping you manage risk and work confidently with your used machine. This guarantee protects over 70 different powertrain and hydraulic system components. Every machine is provided with a comprehensive service report, so there are no surprise repairs you’ll need to make. Trained technicians put in the time and resources to verify the machine’s health, and your only task is to tackle the projects ahead.

Superior Support

With every used sale, there’s a Stowers Cat commitment. Whether you need equipment service at our shops or your site, or you’re facing maintenance needs or emergency repairs, our technicians promptly fulfill your requests. For all the heavy-duty work you put your certified equipment through, we’re here to help your investment continue to pay off.

What Equipment Is Eligible for Cat Certified Used?

Cat equipment has to be lightly used and built within the last five years to begin the certification process. You’ll find many machine types that fit the criteria at your authorized dealer — from excavators, backhoes and skid steer loaders, to dozers, motor graders, articulated trucks and other versatile equipment. There’s a qualified Cat machine for every application.

Eligible equipment on the dealer lot arrives in several ways, all of which can be verified. A primary source is our rental fleet since we have all the service and repair history on-hand for the machine. Lease returns, after completing our inspections, can also become Cat Certified Used machines.

Stowers Is Your Source for Cat Certified Used in East Tennessee

Only the best Cat equipment gets certified, and Stowers has the widest selection in East Tennessee of machines that pass the test. We have the most skilled factory-trained technicians maintaining our inventory and working to exceed your expectations of what the pre-owned market can deliver. Your search for maximum value out of used equipment begins and ends with one of our Cat Certified Used machines.

To receive a free quote, get in touch today. Contact us at Stowers Cat, and we’ll help you find the quality equipment that streamlines your day-to-day operations. You can also call 865-546-1414 or visit a location in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Kingsport, Crossville or Sevierville to chat with a qualified rep.