Slipform paving involves the continuous pouring, compaction and finishing of concrete to produce highways, airport runways, trails, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, bridge parapets and other construction projects. Slipform pavers pour the concrete into place, compact it and level it in one seamless application. This method allows for a much smoother top surface compared to traditional methods that involve joints and sections.


The many advantages of using a slipform paver include high-precision leveling, a fully mechanical application and automated controls. Some pavers can connect with various attachments that apply a final finish to the surface of the concrete.


As the premier heavy equipment dealer in the East Tennessee region, Stowers Cat carries two types of slipform pavers for your construction needs. GOMACO, a worldwide leader in concrete construction equipment, manufactures both models. Each model comes with G+® control technology, making operations simple, easy and more efficient than manual applications.


Slipform Pavers for Sale in East Tennessee


Slipform paving can entail the use of either an offset or an inset paver. Offset pavers transport the concrete with a loading conveyor or auger that mounts along the side of the machine. On an inset paver, the concrete load is directly in front of the machine and spreads with a plow or auger.


The GP-2600 paver uses an inset application, while the GT-3600 features an offset spreading method. GOMACO technology ensures that both models operate with the highest production efficiencies and standards in the industry.


GP-2600 Slipform Paver


Contractors prefer the GP-2600 paver for its industry-leading features and capabilities, making it the most used mid-range slipform paver globally. GOMACO employs the most superior manufacturers in the industry with the highest-quality fabrication standards in the world. The GOMACO engineers designed the GP-2600 with the most durable, heavy-duty amenities, keeping the most challenging paving conditions and obstacles in mind.


GOMACO's outstanding quality control levels ensure minimal maintenance and upkeep for equipment while meeting the strictest safety regulations. Among the highlighted features and benefits of the GP-2600 are its:


  • Low emissions: The emission-controlled engine limits an abundance of chemicals during operation.
  • High productivity: Powered by a Cat 275-horsepower engine, the GP-2600 features optimal engine performance.
  • Cooling capacity and noise reduction: The low-hydraulic oil temperature encourages reduced operating costs and long lifecycles for parts. What's more, the engine package provides the operator with a quiet control area.
  • Spreading versatility: The two-track system can spread materials from 12 feet up to 32 feet.
  • Accurate mold positioning: The T-Beam mounting rail system positions the mold and allows quick mounting and removal on the job site.
  • Ease of operation: The G+® operating system features user-friendly system diagnostics and controls. This electronic-over-hydraulic system provides easy and accurate adjustment with an instant, controlled response.
  • High visibility: A lower-profile engine shroud and guard rails give the operator clear visibility of the entire operation.
  • Superior mobility: The counter-rotation provides 360-degree turns within the GP-2600's dimensions. Its steering system features versatility for outstanding job-site mobility, giving it one of the fastest tracking speeds in the industry.
  • High-performance drive system: The two-speed drive system delivers robust, low-speed performance for spreading large volumes of material.
  • Unparalleled accuracy: GOMACO’s hydraulically powered transition adjuster provides accurate transitions for the crown of the concrete slab.


The GP-2600 meets the demands of street, highway, airport pavement and parking lot construction worldwide. It is available with two or four tracks to meet contractor preferences for various applications.


GT-3600 Slipform Paver


The three-track GT-3600 model is a slipform paver and trimmer with a Tier-3 diesel engine. Applications for the GT-3600 include curb and gutter formation, cul-de-sacs, bridge parapets, safety barriers, recreational paths, sidewalks and flat slabs up to 10 feet wide. This model features GOMACO's trademark simultaneous pour and trim concept.

This machine's unique design, G+® control system and multiple sensors allow the GT-3600 to easily slipform small areas and tight radii. Additional features of the GT-3600 include:


  • High-performance engine: A 125-horsepower Tier-3 diesel engine provides adequate power while increasing maneuverability with a maximum operating speed of 125 feet per minute.
  • Enhanced safety features: Emergency stop buttons on the operator's console and at strategic points around the machine provide an extra level of security.
  • Increased visibility: The specially designed engine shroud provides the operator with complete visibility over the whole operation.
  • Fully functional trimmer heads: Sideshifting and vertical adjusting trimmer heads allow trimming at the end of each pass.
  • Advanced control system: The G+® system has a complete library of sensor functions for controlling grade, steer and slope with configurations for any project requirement.
  • All-track steer system: All-track steer (ATS) improves mobility, saves time getting on and off the string line and improves material loading and unloading speeds.
  • All-track positioning system: All-track positioning (ATP) situates the legs for more stability and clearance of obstacles. The telescoping right-front leg, power-swing left-front leg, and the power-slide rear leg ensure easy positioning.
  • Optional driveway depressors: This feature eliminates wasted material while slipforming through driveways.


Other options on the GT-3600 model include a standard hydraulically powered belt conveyor or an auger to increase concrete flow.


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