Power Grid Stabilization (PGS) Heavy Duty (HD)

The Cat® PGS Module is a scalable, rapidly deployable energy storage system with a heavy-duty battery structure. The PGS integrates with solar and other renewable sources to provide short duration power when the renewable source is not available or virtual spinning reserve to optimize generator sets efficiency. This system provides transient assist and grid stabilization to the installation.

Technical Summary

Application Transient Assist
Module Type Heavy Duty mobile Grid Stabilization
Rated Power 1000-1260 kW

System Output Power

Maximum Continuous at 1.0 PF 1000kW
15 min Overload at 1.0 PF 1170kW
10 min Overload at 1.0 PF 1225kW
5 min Overload at 1.0 PF 1260kW
1 min Overload at 1.0 PF 1260kW

Output Voltage THD

Output Voltage <3%

Energy (Nameplate Start of Life)

Energy (Nameplate Start of Life) 672kW·h
Energy Type Li-Ion - Energy
Battery Chemistry NMC

Inverter Model

Inverter Model BDP1000
Number of Inverters 1

Average Parasitic Load

Shore Power Connection 480 V (60 Hz)


Container with Trailer - Length 37.93ft
Container with Trailer - Width 8.73ft
Container with Trailer - Height 12.99ft
Container without Trailer - Length 22.13ft
Container without Trailer - Width 8ft
Container without Trailer - Height 9.5ft

Standard Equipment

  • Power Grid Stabilization
    • Cat BDP1000 bi-directional power inverters
    • Energy storage batteries
    • Color HMI Touchscreen
    • Fire suppression system
    • HVAC system to maintain optimal interior temperatures
    • Remote communications via Modbus TCP

Optional Equipment