Cat C32 Auxiliary / Diesel Electric Propulsion (US EPA Tier 3 / IMO II)

Power Rating

Minimum Rating 314BHP
Maximum Rating 1333BHP

Engine Specifications

Aspiration Turbocharged-aftercooled aspiration
Emissions U.S. EPA Tier 3 / IMO II emissions certified
Displacement 1959in³
Bore 5.71in
Stroke 6.38in
Rotation Counterclockwise from flywheel end
Configuration Vee 12, 4-stroke-cycle diesel
Oil Change Interval 750 hrs
Flywheel Housing SAE No. 0 with SAE No. 18 flywheel (136 teeth)
Refill Capacity Lube Oil System w/Oil filter change: 146 L (38.5 gal)
Governor Electronic (A4 ECM)
Rated Engine Speed 1800 rpm
Cooling Heat exchanger or keel cooled

Dimensions & Weights

Minimum Length 83.9in
Maximum Width 57.3in
Minimum Engine Dry Weight 6950lb
Minimum Width 57.1in
Minimum Height 59.3in
Maximum Length 89.8in
Maximum Engine Dry Weight 7160lb
Maximum Height 63.5in

Standard Equipment

  • Air Inlet System
    • Separate circuit aftercooled (SCAC)
  • Control System
    • 24V control system
  • Cooling System
    • Heat exchanger or Keel Cooling
    • Watercooled exhaust manifold and turbocharger
    • Hard seawater lines – no flexible hoses
    • Flanges for cooling connections, ANSI or DIN
  • Fuel System
    • Duplex fuel filters with hybrid fuel lines
    • Fuel transfer and priming pump
  • Lube System
    • Oil fill, simplex filter and dipstick
    • Deep or shallow sump oil pan
  • Mounting System
    • Adjustable front support mounting system
  • General
    • Right or left hand service sides
    • Customer wiring and service tool connector

Optional Equipment

  • Air Inlet System
    • Closed crankcase fumes disposal
  • Alarm And Protection
    • MECP I control panel
    • MGCP II or MGCP IIIB control panel with Cat® Alarm and Protection System
  • Charging System
    • Charging alternator
  • Fuel System
    • Primary fuel filter with water separator, fuel cooler
  • Lube System
    • Duplex oil filters
  • Power Take-offs
    • Front drives including stub shaft and pump drive
    • Rear SAE A or B pump drives
  • Starting System
    • Starting motors – air, electric or dual