Preventative maintenance

Stowers’ mobile maintenance service can provide a regularly scheduled complete preventative maintenance program performed on your job site, by professionals technicians, to keep your equipment in top operating condition. For a flat rate price, you can have a first-class preventive maintenance program on every machine you own, Cat and other makes. Stowers mobile maintenance is more than routine oil and filter changes. It’s a full preventive maintenance program that can cut your maintenance costs and reduce your overall repair costs. Stowers operates mobile maintenance service vehicles to cover our entire service territory.

Stowers mobile maintenance follows Caterpillar maintenance guidelines for your machines to ensure systems are maintained in accordance to factory guidelines. Also, at each service interval, a complete visual inspection of your machine is performed to help identify small problems before they escalate into major problems, scheduled oil sampling is performed to analyze wear metals, and waste oil and filters are disposed of so you don’t have the environmental concerns associated with equipment maintenance.