Remote Monitoring

Power quality and reliability breakdowns can account for between $30 and $130 billion per year in losses in the U.S. alone, and remote monitoring becomes a key factor in protecting the bottom line. Efficient 24/7/365 coverage offers a cost-effective method to ensure that issues with the power system are addressed when the need arises, reducing total maintenance time.

Power Interruption Cause Problems

It is estimated that a power outage can cost as much as $6.5 million per hour in downtime. When power is interrupted (no matter how short the disturbance), several problems can result:

  • Loss of critical data
  • Dropped sales or service calls
  • Damage to manufacturing equipment
  • Loss of product
  • Environmental safety risks
  • Legal liabilities resulting from service lapses

The investment in a power system to provide emergency power can guarantee critical processes are not interrupted in the event of an outage.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

When considering the incorporation of remote monitoring and management as part of a complete power system, it is crucial to evaluate the ability of the system to enable services in five key areas:

  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Engine performance and compliance reports
  • Remote control
  • On-line history and aggregate views
  • Coordinated services

Want to Know More?

Contact your Stowers Power Systems product support sales representative to learn more about how to evaluate remote monitoring and management services for your integrated power system.