Hydraulic Hose Repairs

Cat hose and couplings are uniquely designed and tested to work together for superior performance. Let Stowers Machinery Corporation show you how Cat hose and couplings can provide you the reliability and durability you need.

Excellent Reliability and Durability

Caterpillar’s requirements for high pressure, low and medium pressure, and special application hose and couplings far exceed industry standards, so Cat hose and couplings provide excellent reliability and durability.

Our broad line of Cat hose and couplings is also conveniently available. We can make assemblies so you can get your machines back up and running quickly and reliably.

Hydraulic hoses from Stowers. Built Right. Built Clean. Built Fast.

Built Right

Building a quality hose assembly starts with quality hose products. We stock a large inventory of Cat hose products that exceed industry standards. Cat hoses feature superior materials, higher temperature tolerances and less liner swell than industry standard hoses. Through impulse and other testing, Cat hoses have been engineered to exceed industry requirements. And, we carry a wide variety of couplings, enabling us to build quality assemblies for all brands of mobile equipment.

Built Clean

We also take every precaution to minimize the presence of harmful contaminants in your hydraulic system. We keep our bulk hose capped, and we cap each hose after it’s built. And during assembly, we use an air-propelled foam projectile to remove newly-introduced contaminants—a service most hose shops don’t provide.

Built Fast

We understand that when you need a hose, you usually need it now, and we have the tooling and expertise to build almost any assembly you’ll ever need on the spot. In fact, more often than not, we can have it ready in 30 minutes or less.

Your One-Stop Hose Shop

When you need a replacement hose for any machine, we’re your one-stop shop. Call ahead or bring in your failed assembly, and we’ll build a replacement at a competitive price. We’re confident you’ll find our quality, capabilities and speed to be superior to other hose shops.

Want to Know More?

Contact your Stowers Product Support Sales Representative for more information on hydraulic hose repair at Stowers Machinery Corporation.