Ground Engaging Tools

Cat Ground Engaging Tools are hard enough to resist wear and strong enough to resist breakage.

Manufactured to Caterpillar Specifications

Manufactured to Caterpillar specifications for strength and durability, Cat Ground Engaging Tools offer top-wear life. Produced with our specially formulated DH-2 and DH-3 steels, our tools are heat-treated so they’re hard enough to resist wear and strong enough to resist breakage – and with DH-3 steel, to reduce the softening effects of heat buildup.

K Series Saves Time

You may already know that Cat K Series GET offers a precise fit for better tip retention and a sharper digging profile for better penetration and longer life.

Those are significant benefits, but saving time is another important benefit that has a direct effect on your bottom line.

If you’ve tried K Series GET, you already know the most noticeable improvement is the vertical retainer. Let’s look at how the vertical retainer improves tip removal and installation.

  • One-piece, so there is only one part to handle
  • Vertical orientation allows for closely spaced adaptors
  • The low force required means no bent tips and less frustration
  • No special tools needed, so tips are fast and easy to remove and install
  • The drive-through version installed or removed from top or bottom
  • The hammerless version installed or removed from top
  • Reduced machine downtime for tip changes
  • Correct installation is assured

Not only does the one-piece retainer improve removal and installation, but the tip also has special features. It has opposing, sloped side rails and flanks to help keep the tip on the adapter as the retainer is being removed or installed. This reduces the chance of the tip sliding off the adapter, so the angle of installation becomes less critical.

The tip twists slightly as it slips onto the adapter, and the retainer locks to the tip ear, providing a new locking surface with each tip change.

All of these result in more production because there is less downtime for changeouts. It also could result in better tip maintenance to maximize tip life.

By using K Series GET, with easier tip removal and installation, you are more likely to see maintenance performed on schedule. K Series tips are made of DH-3 steel, come in a full range of shapes, are reversible and have adapters available to fit current and most former Cat base edges.

To determine if the K Series Tooth System is available for your wheel loaders or excavators, contact your Stowers Product Support Sales Representative.

Learn More About Operator Techniques

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