​Weiler track feller bunchers provide industry leading lift capacity throughout full reach, a key benefit in large timber.  A robust undercarriage utilizes proven components, customized for demanding forestry conditions while maintaining industry leading ground clearance.  Both reduced tail swing and full tail swing machines are available as tilting or non-tilting to meet a variety of application requirements.


Engine Model Cat C9 Tier 3
Gross Power 303 hp
Ground Clearance 35"
Weight w/out Head 81,738 lb
Engine Displacement 537 in^3
Max Flow 250 gpm
Max Reach 28'1"
Lift at Max Reach 19,111 lb
Tractive Effort 104,000 lb
Undercarriage Size 349 HD HEX
Undercarriage Pitch 8.5"
Track Gauge 113"
Track Length 221"
Fuel Tank Capacity 312 gal
Engine Oil Capacity 10.3 gal
Hydraulic System Capacity 97.7 gal
Transport Width 11'10"
Height 13'
Length (w/201 saw) 39'8"