The Weiler B458 is a leveling machine for steeper terrain and excels in select or clear-cut logging. The B458 provide a leading combination of lift capacity, swing torque, and drawbar. Multi-function performance is achieved through dedicated pumps and optimized circuit configurations. The B458 has an extended track roller frame option that includes two additional bottom rollers for a total of eleven, enhancing overall machine stability in steep terrain. In addition, a standard or heavy counterweight option is available for a diversity of harvesting conditions. Unobstructed ground clearance enables unimpeded travel over stumps, rocks, and other debris.


Engine Model Cat C9.3 Tier 4 Final
Gross Power 298 hp
Ground Clearance 35"
Weight w/out Head 79,221 lb
Engine Displacement 568 in^3
Max Flow 322 gpm
Max Reach 26'10"
Lift at Max Reach 13,918 lb
Tractive Effort 81,229 lbf
Undercarriage Size 336 HD HEX
Undercarriage Pitch 8.5"
Track Gauge 114"
Track Length 191"
Fuel Tank Capacity 216 gal
Engine Oil Capacity 10.6 gal
Transport Width 11'11"
Height 12'11"
Length (w/201 saw) 34'1"