E2850A Remixing Transfer Vehicle

The E2850A is designed to keep demanding jobs moving with 25 tons of on-board storage providing increased trucking efficiencies while allowing for non-contact, non-stop paving.

High-torque, direct-drive motors with loop flush cooling system located on the conveyor and elevators reduce heat stress within the hydraulic system for long-term operation.

Ground-level hopper access and full-width hydraulic doors allow for quick work to daily maintenance and inspection points.

18″ shifting operator platform and optional rear steer with 14′ turning radius optimize visibility and maneuverability.

The E2850A remixes material to reduce thermal and particulate segregation resulting in a high quality mat.

Optional Features

  • Rear steer with 14′ inside turning radius
  • Truck hitch
  • Windrow head in addition to dump hopper
  • Suspension and heated seat
  • AR400 storage hopper liner
  • Chromium carbide floor plates
  • Separate 60 gal tank for tire spray system
  • Spray down system for chains and sprockets
  • Tire spray down system
  • Work lights
  • Truck signal lights
  • Hydraulic 12 KW generator
  • Paver hopper management system with distance to paver
  • Storage hopper management system
  • Camera system w/ 7″ color display and 3 cameras
  • Automatic greaser
  • Hopper insert (13 ton)
  • Hopper insert extension (5 ton or 8 ton)