This ISO 42 yd heaped scraper is designed as a construction pan and not just a scaled-up version of an agriculture scraper. It is the perfect match for the 745C tow chassis and can easily be fitted to older 740B models in the field.


Capacity 36 yd^3
Apron Opening 82 in
Width 169 in
Height 145 in
Length 480 in
Push Block to Axle 82 in
Axle to Cutting Edge 183 in
Cutting Edge to Hitch 214 in
Maximum Load Rating 110,000 lbs
Empty Weight 48,200 lbs
  • Designed to be a low ground pressure scraper.

  • Lower sidewall allows challenging soils to beĀ loaded easily.

  • Four 29.5R29 tires provide excellent flotation.

  • Positioning of scraper axle transfers more weight to tow vehicle resulting in more equal weight distribution among the four axles. When fully loaded the front axle is still the heaviest meaning anywhere an empty 745C truck can travel a loaded MT-42LGP can travel.

  • Two stage ejection system maximizes force during the first 75% of ejection and faster speed during the final 25% to “throw” the material out, eliminating carry back.