This ISO 28-yard heaped scraper is designed as a CONSTRUCTION GRADE scraper.  It is the perfect match for the 3630T(Tracked) or 3630(Wheeled) tow tractor to self-load all day long while balancing load time and capacity for maximum effectiveness!


Capacity 28 yd^3
Apron Opening 75 in
Width 166 in
Height 110 in
Length 469 in
Push Block to Axle 79 in
Axle to Cutting Edge 132 in
Cutting Edge to Hitch 258 in
Maximum Load Rating 80,000 lbs
Empty Weight 35,980 lbs
  • Factory available sideboard package increases ISO heaped rating from 28 yds to 33 yds.

  • Lengthened tongue moves more weight to scraper axle providing more evenly distributed loaded weight.

  • Four 26.5R25 tires provide excellent flotation.

  • Wear areas utilize Hardox steel for superior longevity.

  • Caterpillar components increase product life and serviceability.