This NEWLY RELEASED 23-28 tractor-towed scraper is the lightest and easiest loading scraper produced by Mobile Track Solutions to date. Don’t be mistaken, this scraper was designed and built CONSTRUCTION GRADE to provide years of low-cost dirt moving solutions!


Capacity 23.7 yd^3
Apron Opening 69 in
Width 144 in
Height 101 in
Length 450 in
Push Block to Axle 76 in
Axle to Cutting Edge 140 in
Cutting Edge to Hitch 234 in
Maximum Load Rating 70,000 lbs
Empty Weight 30,217 lbs
  • Designed to be a dedicated self-loading unit, yet robust enough to be push loaded

  • 23-yard ISO capacity standard, when side-racked, this unit goes to 28-yard ISO capacity

  • Caterpillar components increase product life and serviceability

  • Wear areas utilize Hardox steel for superior longevity.