The New TITAN HT330/400 Tier IV Final HydroSeeder®

Reinvented. Reimaged.

The new TITAN HT330/400 HydroSeeder is truly a game changer.  It boasts a Tier 4 Final water cooled, turbo-diesel engine providing more horsepower.  The new TITAN features patented innovations including a revolutionary integrated bale grinder, dust suppressing water curtain, and helical auto-reversing agitators.

The TITAN HT330/400 is FINN’s answer to high performance and flexibility.  Providing more power, more performance and more productivity to conquer the toughest jobs, the TITAN not only performs with ease, it looks good doing it.


  • 173HP Tier IV Final John Deere water cooled, turbo-diesel
  • Self-diagnosing engine including low oil pressure and high temperature shut-off system
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic system to enable maximum performance
  • Patent pending reversible, variable speed helical agitators
  • Agitator speed and direction control independent of engine speed


  • Interchangeable centrifugal and vortex pump
  • Mix and spray any material from the heaviest slurry BFM’s, FGM’s, plaster based additives and lime
  • Single boom, dual boom or hose application – spraying distances over 300 feet
  • 3300 or 4000 gallon tank capacity
  • Increased deck space with integral tied down points for increased storage
  • Remote control seamlessly integrated into the unit control system to easily control pump while working with the hose


  • High power agitators for grinding and mixing tough/heavy slurries
  • Optimized agitator paddle layout for increased material circulation and reduced air entrainment in the slurry
  • Optimized 6” suction line for faster loading
  • Patent pending integrated bale grinder for 42% faster loading
  • Hydraulic hose reel with Reel-in and Reel-out functionality


The TITAN HT330/400 HydroSeeder is perfect for the erosion control contractors with large HydroSeeding projects.  TITAN is ideal for highway, fire remediation, dust control, landfill, golf course, sports facility and post-construction on commercial sites. The power, speed and flexibility of the TITAN HT330/400 HydroSeeder makes this machine unmatched in performance for steep slopes, extremely large coverage areas and challenging slurries.  As the world leader in HydroSeeding, FINN is committed to your business and your complete satisfaction.