Since 1956, Prentice knuckleboom loaders have built a legacy by listening to customers and the Weiler built Prentice 2124 continues that history of in woods loading, storm cleanup, railroad use, and municipality applications.  The strong A-frame design can be mounted behind the cab, on the back of the chassis or center trailer mounted.  Multiple grapple options are available from the factory with the loader to match many specific applications.


Max Flow at 1650 rpm 60 gpm
Ground Clearance 20
Width (Full Reach) 10'2
Width ( Retracted) 8'3
Width (Ground Level) 9'4
Hydraulic Pressure 3,200 psi
Weight 22' STD Boom 5,700 lb
22' STD Boom Max Lift 9,325 lb
22' STD Boom Lift (Full Reach) 3,329 lb
Weight 25' Teleboom 6,050 lb
25' Teleboom Max Lift 12,762 lb
25' Teleboom Lift (Full Reach) 2,592 lb