The U.S. built Morooka MST2200VD is the most popular model in the North American market primarily because the platform is so versatile. Whether used as a dumper or carrier, it easily handles a maximum payload and has demonstrated its versatility on pipelines, construction sites and a host of other applications.

The MST2200VD features a heated and air-conditioned ROPS-certified cabin, backup camera, video information display, remote mirror, and easy-to-use joystick control.

Your new MST2200VD rubber track carrier will come directly from the factory with your choice of the tailgate-equipped easy-flow dump bed, flatbed, or no bed. (If you prefer a model with a rotating upper structure, see theĀ MST2200VDR page.)


Min. Ground Clearance 15 in
Machine Weight 31,820 lbs
Track Width 30 in
Length 20'2
Width 9'8
Height 10'5
Gauge 6'9
Length of Dump Bed 11'10
Width of Dump Bed 8'

Hydrostatic Transmission

Rubber Tracks - Faster than steel tracks, with lower ground pressure

Robust, powerful CATĀ® C7.1 250 hp T4 final engine

Easy maintenance

1 year/1,000 hour warranty

Operator-friendly and safe ROPS cabin