CB13 Tandem Vibratory Roller

The CB13 asphalt compactor offers enhancements that simplify operation, provide versatility, and deliver excellent fuel economy. Rotary dials, oscillatory vibration (option), and 360 degree seating (option) make this compactor a perfect match for urban streets, rural roads, highways, interstates and other high-production applications.


Standard - Operating Weight 27557lb
Static Linear Load 189lb/in
Maximum Operating Weight 28991lb

Operating Specifications

Standard Compaction Width 79in
Drum Offset 6in
Ground Clearance 11.5in
Curb Clearance 28in


Engine Model Cat C4.4
Gross Power 142HP

Travel Speeds

Low 4mile/h
High 8mile/h


Overall Length 15.5ft
Wheel Base 11.25ft
Height - With ROPS/FOPS 10ft
Overall Width 92in

Vibratory System

Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum 24728lb
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Minimum 7800lb
Maximum Amplitude 0.038in
Minimum Amplitude 0.012in
Maximum Frequency 3800VPM
Minimum Frequency 2520VPM

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 66gal (US)
Water Spray Tank Capacity 264gal (US)

Standard Equipment

  • Operating Environment
    • 180 degree seat positioning with sliding station
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Platform ROPS/FOPS
    • Propel lever with 4-button control
    • Steering wheel - fixed position, left side
    • Suspension seat - no heat
    • 76 mm (3 in) high visibility seatbelt
    • Vandalism protection
  • Technology
    • Product Link PLE743
    • Remote Flash
    • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Powertrain
    • Cat C4.4, 4-cylinder
  • Electrical System
    • 150 amp alternator
    • 12-volt charging system
    • Automotive-type fuse system
    • Maintenance-free batteries
    • Cat Electronic Technician (Cat ET)
    • Remote start/charge receptacle
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Maintenance-free Hitch
    • 3 yr/3000 hr conventional vibratory system service interval
    • 2 yr/2000 hr oscillatory vibration system service interval
    • Grouped filters with ground level access
    • Remote access drains
    • Sampling ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling
    • Site gauges
  • Safety
    • Backup Alarm
    • Warning horn (front & rear)
    • LED Working Lights
    • Steps, front drum fuel refill
    • Warning, LED safety beacons

Optional Equipment

  • Operating Environment
    • 360 degree seat positioning with sliding station
    • Steering wheel - elevated position, left side
    • Suspension seat w/ heat
    • Seat headrest
  • Technology
    • Infrared asphalt temperature sensors
    • CMV accelerometer - front drum
    • GNSS Mapping - temperature and passcount
    • Machine to machine communication
    • Product Link PLE783
  • Powertrain
    • Offset hitch
  • Vibratory System
    • Biodegradeable hydraulic oil
    • Five amplitude vibratory system
    • Two amplitude/two frequency vibratory system
    • Versa Vibe� vibratory system
    • Two amplitude/two frequency w/Oscillation vibratory system
    • Versa Vibe w/Oscillation vibratory system
    • Cocoa mats
    • Mats - water distribution
    • Freeze protection - water spray system
    • Rear drum oscillation kit - field installed drum
  • Safety
    • LED Working Lights with turn signals
    • LED Roading Lights
    • Mirror package
    • Steps, rear drum water spray refill