2015 Wacker Corporation G25

Price: $14,800
Hours 5967
Rating: Good
Serial Num: 24298260
Phone: +1 865 279 9247
Contact: Robbie Brown
Location: Knoxville, TN
  • 60 Hz
  • Auto Start
  • Diesel
  • Epa Label
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Generators
  • Prime
  • Multi-voltage Selector Switch

General Appearance

Base Yes
Cleaning Required No
Enclosure Yes
General Inspection Yes
Operations and Maintenance Manuals Present Yes
Battery Box Good
Canopy Good
Fuel Tank Good
Paint Good
Radiator Grill & Shroud Good

Safety Items

Safety Shutoff Protection Good

Gauges, Operator Station, Console

Emergency Stop Switch Good
Meter Good


Excessive noise in Engine and Generator No
Fluid Levels OK? Yes
Leaks in filter base No
Leaks in fuel supply return lines No
Leaks in hand priming pump No
Oil Leaks No
Water in Oil No
Air Cleaners Good
Exhaust / Muffler Good
Fuel Injection System Good
Fuel System Good
Fuel Transfer Pump Good
Governor Good
Lubrication System - Front/Rear Crank Seal Good
Lubrication System - Major Castings Good
Lubrication System - Oil Cooler Good
Lubrication System - Oil Level Indicator Good
Turbocharger Good

Cooling System

Belt Guards Good
Belts / Pulleys Good
Coolers Good
Fan Good
Fan Drive Good
Fan Gaurds Good
Hoses Good
Radiator Good
Water Pump Good

Electrical, Starting And Charging System

Battery Charger Yes
Circuit Breaker Yes
Control Panel Inspection Yes
Frequency and Voltage Operation Inspection Yes
Batteries / Cables Good
Starter Good
Wiring Good