2017 Caterpillar CP56B

Price: $175,000
Hours 1167
Rating: Good
Serial Num: P5600308
Phone: +1 865 3846543
Contact: Matthew Reid
Location: Knoxville, TN
  • Guard, Transmission
  • Blade, Leveling
  • Cab, Rops/fops With A/c
  • Caterpillar Cp56b Vibratory Soil Compactor
  • Certificate Of Origin
  • Engine, Tier 4f/stage 4
  • Frequency, Fixed
  • Installation, Cab
  • Instructions, Na Cab
  • Lane 3 Order
  • Languages, Option 1
  • Lights, Upgraded
  • Mirrors, Rearview, Internal
  • Oil, Hydr, Factory Filled
  • Pack, Domestic Truck
  • Pad, Round
  • Product Link, Cellular Pl641
  • Screen, Standard
  • Seat Belt, 3"
  • Seat, Cloth
  • Sensor, Drive Power
  • Sun Screen
  • Sun Visor, Front
  • Tire, Traction

General Appearance

Fuel Tank Good
Paint Good
Radiator Grill & Shroud Good
Steps / Ladder Good

Safety Items

Back Up Alarm Good
Seat Belt Good

Gauges, Operator Station, Console

Current Safety Manual Yes
Gauges Good
Switches Good


Blow By No
Fluid Levels OK? Yes
Knocking No
Oil Leaks No
Water in Oil No
Air Cleaners Good

Cooling System

Hoses Good
Radiator Good

Electrical, Starting And Charging System

Alternator Good
Batteries / Cables Good
Starter Good
Wiring Good