Stowers Power Systems has recently added Toshiba International Corporation’s uninterruptible power systems (UPS) to its lineup. Toshiba produces a versatile range of single-phase and three-phase UPS solutions and accessories that are hallmarked for their outstanding performance and reliability.


Toshiba UPS products now available through Stowers include uninterruptible power systems, battery cabinets, flooded batteries, tie cabinets, input/output switchgear, power distribution units, remote power panels, and monitoring equipment. As a Gold Tier distributor, Stowers offers the latest in Toshiba UPS technology such as the new three-phase 4400 Series UPS and single-phase 1600XPi Series UPS. The reliability and efficiency of Toshiba UPS products will be more accessible to growing industry in Tennessee, providing energy management and power quality solutions to utilities, healthcare, telecommunications markets and more.


Stowers Power Systems chose to carry Toshiba UPS because of certain qualities the brand incorporates into its equipment, including:

• Wide input voltage (+10 to -30%) frequency window (45 to 65 Hz)

• Electronic power factor correction reduces reflected harmonics

• Toshiba systems are designed to handle high crest factor non-linear loads without derating UPS output

• Overload capabilities prevent the need to parallel many small transistors that reduce adjustable speed drive capability and reliability

• Toshiba USPs utilize IGBT technology at 16 to 37.5 kHz to produce the cleanest sine wave output

• Total isolation by eliminating noise through the use of a low impedance isolation transformer

• Hot-swappable battery pack and field-replaceable receptacle panels allow Toshiba systems to adapt to multiple applications and different types of equipment

• The optional RemotEye II® features a web-based interface allowing for monitoring of information from any network with a web browser

• Toshiba’s three-year warranty is the longest in the industry, and includes three year-coverage on UPS electronics, two or three-year prorated coverage on batteries and onsite service within four hours of service request (subject to service location and UPS model)