TH514C - 2013, NACD

Engine Model Cat® C3.4B (meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim Emission Standards)
Bore 3.9 in
Stroke 4.3 in
Displacement 207.5 in³
Gross Power - ISO 14396 101 HP
Maximum Torque 420 N·m/1,400 rpm

Operating Weight - With Carriage and Forks 24890 lb

Operating Specifications
Rated Load Capacity 11021 lb
Maximum Lift Height 45 ft
Load at Maximum Height - Stabilizers Down 7000 lb
Load at Maximum Height - Stabilizers Up 4000 lb
Maximum Forward Reach 30.25 ft
Load at Maximum Reach - Stabilizers Down 3000 lb
Load at Maximum Reach - Stabilizers Up 1000 lb
Top Travel Speed 20 mile/h
Drawbar Pull 74.5 kW 22037 lb
Maximum Lift Height - Stabilizers Down 45 ft
Maximum Lift Height - Stabilizers Up 43.5 ft
Outside Turning Radius - Over Tires 12.86 ft

Standard 14.00-24 16PR TG-02

Hydraulic System
Maximum System Pressure 3626 psi
Maximum Pump Flow 39.63 gal/min
Pump Type Variable displacement load sensing axial piston pump
Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply - Intermittent 21.13 gal/min
Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply - Continuous 15.85 gal/min

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 39.63 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 23.78 gal (US)

Transmission Speeds
Forward - 1 3.6 mile/h
Forward - 2 6.7 mile/h
Forward - 3 15.2 mile/h
Forward - 4 20 mile/h
Reverse - 1 3.4 mile/h
Reverse - 2 6.7 mile/h
Reverse - 3 14.9 mile/h

Boom Performance
Boom Up 13.7 s
Boom Down 14.6 s
Tele In 19.1 s
Tele Out 16.6 s
Crowd Forward - Dump 4.8 s
Crowd Backward 4.7 s
Combined - Up and Out 28 s
Combined - Down and In 19 s
Bucket Breakout Force - ISO 8313 21356 lb
Boom Breakout Force 14162 lb

Parking Brakes Mechanical on front axle
Service Brakes Servo assisted on front axle

Exterior Sound - 74.5 kW Engine 106 dB(A)


Rated lift capacities shown are with machine equipped with carriage and pallet forks. The machine must be level on a firm surface with undamaged, properly inflated tires as specified by the manufacturer. Machine specifications and stability are based on rated lift capacities at specific boom angles and boom lengths. (If specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed with your dealer.) DO NOT exceed rated lift capacity loads, as unstable and dangerous machine conditions will result. DO NOT tip the machine forward to determine the allowable load. Use only JLG approved attachments with proper material handler model/attachment load capacity charts displayed in the operator's cab. OSHA requires all rough terrain forklift operators be trained according to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 (l). Due to continuous product improvements, machine specifications and/or equipment changes may be made without prior notification. This machine meets or exceeds ANSI/ITSDF B56.6-2005 as originally manufactured for intended applications.

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