973D WH

Caterpillar built its first track loader in 1955. With its pedigree for digging, the track loader has excavated millions of building foundations all over the globe. It wasn't long before customers demanded that the strength and versatility of this machine be adapted to the forestry, demolition, steel mill and waste industries. With Caterpillar built and designed waste handling features, the track loader is now considered the second most useful machines in a landfill (after the compactor). The Cat® 973D is the largest, most powerful track loader in the world, and it's the safest, most environmentally friendly and efficient track loader Caterpillar has ever built. Put it to work in waste, it's designed for it. Read on for more information on the 973D's waste handling attributes, and how they can benefit your operation.

Engine Model Cat® C9 ACERT™
Flywheel Power 263 HP

Track Shoe Width - Standard 21.6 in
Track Shoe Width - Optional 26.6 in
Track Gauge 85 in
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe 12.4 psi
Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe 10.1 psi
Track Shoe Type Double Grouser, Extreme Service

Drive System
Drive Pump Two, variable-displacement, slipper-type axial piston pumps
Maximum System Pressure 6527 psi
Track Motor Two, variable-displacement, bent axis piston motors
Type Hydrostatic drive with infinite machine speeds up to 11 km/h (6.8 mph)

Hydraulic System - Implement
Cycle Time - Dump 1.4 s
Cycle Time - Raise 6.5 s
Float Down 2.7 s
Output - Maximum 91.4 gal/min
Relief Valve Setting 3988 psi
Type Closed Center Load Sensing

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 164 gal (US)
Cooling System 11.6 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 49.9 gal (US)

Electrical System
Alternator 95 amp, Heavy-Duty, Brushless
Battery Capacity 1400 CCA
Battery Quantity 2
Battery Voltage 12
Type 24V DC

Operating Weight 65157 lb

Capacity - General Purpose Landfill 6.4 yd³
Capacity - General Purpose 4.2 yd³
Capacity - Multi-Purpose Landfill 6 yd³
Capacity - Multi-Purpose 3.92 yd³
Width - General Purpose Landfill 114.56 in
Width - General Purpose 114.56 in
Width - Multi-Purpose Landfill 112.91 in
Width - Multi-Purpose 112.91 in

Ripper Specifications
Type Parallelogram
Number of Pockets 3
Overall Width/Beam 86.6 in
Penetration 15.6 in
Ripping Width 72.4 in

Standards Standards

Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.9 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 2.717 metric tonnes.

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