The Cat® 584 forwarder meets the demanding requirements of forest harvesting in many variable applications. These structurally superior units provide unbeaten comfort, controllability, and serviceability to get the job done in a safe, productive, and efficient manner.

Gross Power 274 HP
Engine Model Cat® C7 ACERT™
Torque 872 lb/ft
Displacement 439 in³

Operating Specifications
Load Capacity 39683 lb
Loader Reach 25.59 ft
Maximum Speed - 6WD 14 mile/h
Load Capacity - 6WD 39683 lb
Tractive Ability - 6WD 48784 lb
Steering Angle 42 °
Maximum Speed - 8WD 14 mile/h
Low Speed - 6WD 4.6 mile/h

Transmission hydrostatic, 2-speed drop box

Operating Weight - 6WD 44600 lb

Bunk Area
Optional Bunk Area 67.3 ft²
Bunk Area 59.3 ft²
Load Bunks moveable

Loader and Grapple
Rotator Type G141
Slewing Angle 380 °
Slewing Torque - Gross 30240 lb/ft
Grapple Type - Optional Epsilon FG43S
Reach 315 in
Lifting Torque - Gross 111975 lb/ft
Loader Type Epsilon X120F
Grapple Type Epsilon FG37

Hydraulic System
Flow Rate 75 gal/min
Working Pressure - Maximum 3120 psi

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 67.3 gal (US)
Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir 46 gal (US)

ROPS ISO 3471:1994, ISO 8082:2003
FOPS ISO 3449:2005 (LEVEL II), ISO 8083:2006
OPS ISO 8084:2003, SAE J1084, SEP2002, BC WCB G603, MAR90

Size - 6WD 700/70 × 34 (front), 750/55 × 26.5 (rear)

Power Train

Cat® C7 Engine
The Cat C7 engine with ACERT™ technology gives exceptional power and fuel efficiency. Meets Tier 3, Stage IIIA emission requirements. Tier 3 refers to EPA (U.S.) standards. Stage IIIA refers to European standards. Engines include electronic governing, cold mode start strategy, automatic altitude compensation, electronic diagnostics and fault monitoring.

Modulated Fan Speed
The engine fan speed control is modulated by the IQAN system based on system temperatures to provide fuel savings and precise temperature control.

Hydrostatic Drive System
The forestry designed hydrostatic drive system gives exceptional power, efficiency and controllability unequaled in the industry for consistently high performance in all terrain applications.

Exceptional Cooling Capability
Enlarged cooling capacities provide the high heat rejection capability required for long distance hauling and utilizing the high tractive effort capabilities.

Tough Suspension
Leading design geared bogies and rigid front axle (6WD) are utilized for superior strength and maximum serviceability.


Solid Working Platform
Caterpillar design and manufacturing techniques assure outstanding durability and service life. The front and rear frame structures are manufactured to stand up in the most demanding forest applications.

Oscillation and Articulation
Extreme duty center articulation and oscillation points are designed for long service life. The cast knuckle articulation includes tapered roller bearings and hardened expander center joint pins.

Oscillation and Articulation


The forwarder loader is designed for hard, demanding work. Decades of experience can be seen in the innovative details, durable structure and reliable technology. Speed and smoothness are combined to get the work done safely, reliably, and without downtime.


Hydraulic Pump Is Powerful, Responsive, Quiet
Designed for continuous, efficient and reliable operation, the forwarders axial piston hydraulic pump meets stringent requirements for noise, efficiency, controllability and durability. High load bearings are designed to ensure excellent reliability and long life. A spring assisted servo piston ensures rapid on-stroke performance, especially in low standby pressure conditions. The rigid casing design ensures that all internal forces are well supported. Hydrostatic swash plate balancing together with a rigid support mechanism enhances the power density and reduces noise emissions.

Valves Are Load Sensing, Pressure Compensated
The valve system has proven reliability in forestry applications with its fuel efficient load sensing pressure compensated technology. The valve has been given excellent simultaneous operating characteristics, which enable several machine functions to be operated responsively at the same time, regardless of the sizes of individual loads. Each section is designed specifically for the flow and pressure of the function, therefore optimizing machine functionality and fuel efficiency. Ramped and proportional crane functions saves mechanical wear and tear on boom structures. Steering sensors provide feedback through the IQAN control system to cushion stop points of the cylinders.

Operator Station

Maximum Production, Comfortable Work
Spacious purpose built forestry cab with excellent sight lines to the work area. The forward positioned side posts provide maximum visibility for the loader working range. The ventilation system provides superb air flow for heating and cooling functions. Refined instrumentation and plenty of storage areas allow an uncluttered working environment.

Maximum Production, Comfortable Work

State-Of-The-Art Controls
The forwarder utilizes the latest technology with CAN-Bus controlled IQAN, switch panels, and engine control. The IQAN MDL master control has a 165 mm (6.5 in) transflective TFT color display which includes excellent on‑screen diagnostics. Units are configured for English or metric display. Low effort ergonomic joy stick controls provide easy effort control of the loader functions. Loader functions are configurable for SAE or Forestry patterns. Loader control allows input into 3 selectable and adjustable operator interphases, plus a factory default. An automotive style, tuned hydrostatic propel system allows for all types of terrain and load characteristics.

State-Of-The-Art Controls


Tilting Hood Provides Easy Access
A forward tilting front hood assembly together with the side tilting cab design provide full access to the engine, hydrostat, and hydraulic components.

Better Diagnostics, Grouped Service Points
Simplified service and electronic diagnostics help to increase productivity and machine availability. Grouped lubrication points and lines reduce service times.

Easy Fluid Changes
Removable cover plates allow full access for cleaning and service. An electric refill pump to add oil into the hydraulic tank maintains system cleanliness by passing all added oil through the filtering system. A vacuum pump on the hydraulic tank reduces exposure to oil loss during service and repair.


Before, During and After Your Purchase
Your Cat dealer is ready to assist you with your purchasing decision and everything after. Factory trained dealer technicians service every aspect of your forwarder. Preventative maintenance agreements are available for repair before failure options. Scheduled oil sampling programs can be utilized to match your oil samples against Caterpillar set standards. For more information on Cat products, dealer services and industry solutions, visit us at www.cat.com.

Standard Equipment

  • 24V system
  • Master disconnect
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • 200 Amp Alternator
  • 2 12V Batteries
  • 12 cab mounted halogen lights
  • 2 boom mounted halogen lights
  • 2 rear deck mounted halogen lights
  • IQAN MDL full function control system with on-screen diagnostics, switch panels and engine control
Operator Environment
  • Pressurized ROPS-FOPS-OPS cab
  • Isolation mountings
  • Electric cab tilt
  • Tinted 12.7 mm (½ in) polycarbonate windows
  • Air suspension seat
  • Air conditioner/heater with auto temp control
  • Window defroster vents
  • Horn
  • 2 12V power ports
  • Dome light
  • Radio ready
  • Cup holder
  • Hydraulic step and access platform
Power Train
  • Cat C7 ACERT engine
  • Hydrostatic drive system
  • 2-speed drop box
  • Rear axle disconnect
  • 8.5C drive line components
  • NAF axle modules
  • 200 cc (12.2 in³) variable displacement implement pump
  • Closed circuit load sensing valves
  • Hydraulic driven cooling fan
  • Vacuum pump
  • Electric refill pump
Brake System
  • Driving brake/work brake
  • Parking brake
  • Epsilon X120F80 with G141 rotator
  • 8.0 m (26.25 ft) reach
  • Epsilon FG37 grapple
Load Deck
  • 5.41 m (17.75 ft) load deck
  • Shock cushioned head board mounting
  • Hydraulic extendable head board
  • Adjustable load stake spacing
  • Bolt-on tail piece

Optional Equipment

  • 650/65 × 26.5, carrier width is 3180 mm (125.19 in)