573D Wheel Feller Buncher

Engine Power 241 HP

Operating Weight - Without Attachment 33123 lb

Wheel Base 115 in

Attachment Pump - Variable Displacement Piston Pump 155 L/min @ 27 579 kPa (41 gal/min @ 4,000 psi)
Engine Model C7.1 ACERT
Engine Speed 1880 r/min
Fuel Capacity 81 gal (US)
Gross Power 241 HP
Hydrostatic Pump - Variable Displacement Piston Pump 242 L/min @ 37 370 kPa (64 gal/min @ 5,420 psi)
Note *Add 780 kg (1,720 lb) for 30.5L-32 tires, 1161 kg (2,560 lb) for 30.5L-32 2X ring tires, 780 kg (1,720 lb) for 67-34 tires.
Overall Length - Length - With HFW221 Felling Saw 302.1 in
Overall Length - Length - With HFW222 SC Felling Saw 300.6 in
Overall Length - Length - With HFW232 High Capacity Saw 308.7 in
Overall Width - 28L × 26 115 in
Overall Width - 28L × 26 NOAW 110 in
Overall Width - 30.5L × 32 123.6 in
Overall Width - 30.5L × 32 Dual Inner 116.8 in
Overall Width - 30.5L × 32 NOAW 117.3 in
Overall Width - 67 × 34 126.9 in
Primary Hydraulic Pump - Variable Displacement Piston Pump 155 L/min @ 27 579 kPa (41 gal/min @ 4,000 psi)
Weight - With 28L-26 Tires, Less Attachment* 33123 lb
Wheel Base 115 in

Wheel Feller Buncher Attachments - HFW221
Accumulation Area 5.1 ft²
Directional Felling Capacity N/A
Height 119 in
Maximum Single Cut 22.7 in
Weight 7100 lb
Width 63.6 in

Wheel Feller Buncher Attachments - HFW222 SC
Accumulation Area 4 ft²
Directional Felling Capacity 30 in
Height 95 in
Maximum Single Cut 22 in
Weight 6554 lb
Width 68 in

Wheel Feller Buncher Attachments - HFW232
Accumulation Area 8.6 ft²
Directional Felling Capacity N/A
Height 108.8 in
Maximum Single Cut 22.6 in
Weight 6277 lb
Width 68.3 in


  • Cat® C7.1 ACERT™ engine provides maximum power and response while minimizing total fluid consumption
  • Patented Power Direct Plus system has been enhanced providing greater travel power and saw recovery
  • Patented transverse mounted engine and low center of gravity provide rock solid stability allowing market leading cut and carry capability
  • Shortest wheelbases in the market combined with leading stability provides superior application versatility
  • Leading hydraulic multi functioning improves productivity allowing operators to lift and close the arms simultaneously


  • Lower engine speed minimizes fuel consumption
  • High capacity cross flow cooling system only pulls in cool external air to maximize efficiency
  • Oversized, on demand reversing fan spins only as fast as needed to optimize fuel efficiency
  • Greater cut and carry capability to build larger, easy to reach bundles improving skidder efficiency
  • Standard rear view camera improves operator efficiency


  • Cat Comfort seat provides greater support reducing fatigue while providing more leg room near the joystick controls for more comfortable operation
  • Smooth hydraulic controls and superior balance provide market leading comfort and controllability
  • Advanced controls like creep control, customizable terrain selection and simplified speed and sensitivity adjustments allow operators to set up machines to their preference quickly and easily improving comfort
  • High capacity HVAC system provides dependable cooling and heating for maximum comfort
  • Quiet and spacious cab improves comfort and reduces operator fatigue


  • Field proven engine and emissions technology combined with durable components like simple, fixed geometry turbos provide reliable power
  • Simple, clean and highly engineered engine installation with minimal exhaust plumbing is designed for long life
  • Electrical system upgraded with field proven Cat controls and components
  • Pressurized compartments and engineered airflow forces hot air out of the machine preventing electrical harnesses and sensors from being heat soaked
  • Field proven cooling system keeps engine and hydraulics cool extending component life
  • Two speed gearbox enhanced with improved sealing, larger bearings and stronger gears
  • Field proven hitch and robust box section frames with integrated steering cylinder mounts are built for extended life


  • Cooling system with course fin spacing minimizes plugging while providing easy clean out
  • Pressurized engine, hydraulic and aftertreatment compartments keep debris out of the machine reducing down time for clean out
  • Standard precleaner and engine air intake location maximize service life of air filters to lower owning and operating costs
  • Tilting cab and hinged doors provide market leading access to core components and easy access to daily check points and preventive maintenance service locations
  • Ground level fuel fill and electric hydraulic oil fill pump allows safe and easy service

Work Tools

  • HFW232 bunching saw provides leading durability, bunching capacity and single cut capacity
  • HFW221 felling saw is simple, versatile and a field proven single post saw
  • HFW222 SC felling saw offers an industry exclusive side cut door increasing productivity in multiple cut applications