The AP1055F is a high-production rubber track paver that excels on airports runways, interstates, highways, and other large jobsites. It's high travel speed, flotation, and traction deliver superb mobility.

Operating Weight - With SE60 V 45090 lb

Operating Specifications
Standard Paving Range 3.0-6.0 m (9' 10" - 19' 6")

Operating Height - With Canopy 157 in
Operating Height - Without Canopy 146 in
Operating Width - Low Entry Hopper 142 in
Operating Width - Standard Entry Hopper 132 in

Operating Specifications
Hopper Capacity - Standard Entry 267 ft³
Inside Turn Radius 1.5 ft
Maximum Paving Speed - With Tamper Bar Screed 82 ft/min
Maximum Paving Speed - With Vibratory Screed 210 ft/min
Maximum Travel Speed 9 mile/h

Gross Power 225 HP
Engine Model Cat C7.1 with ACERT

Transport Length - With SE60 V Screed 20 ft
Transport Width - With End Gates Folded 9.83 ft
Transport Width - With Screed End Gates 10.66 ft
Truck Entry Height - With Low Entry Hopper 20.5 in
Truck Entry Height - With Standard Entry Hopper 22.5 in

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 92 gal (US)

Operating Length - With SE60 V Screed 22.5 ft
Operating Length - With SE60 V XW, VT XW Screeds 23.1 ft
Transport Height - Canopy Retracted 10.5 ft
Transport Height - Without Canopy 10.45 ft
Transport Length - With SE60 XW-Series 22.7 ft

Operating Specifications
Hopper Capacity - Low Entry Hopper 286 ft³
Maximum Paving Width - SE60 V Screed 25 ft
Maximum Paving Width - SE60 V XW, VT XW Screeds 33 ft
Maximum Throughput Capacity 1766 tonnes/hr

Service Refill Capacities
DEF Tank 5 gal (US)

Operating Weight - With SE60 V XW 46580 lb
Operating Weight - With SE60 VT XW 48320 lb
Tractor Operating Weight 37553 lb
Tractor Shipping Weight 36804 lb