Power through tough roots at your site, as well as clear unnecessary brush and limbs. Ask about pairing thumbs for DB-linkage excavators with this 5-tine Cat grapple and make land clearing work go even faster.

Weight 2205 lb
Width 65 in
Tine Spacing 15.75 in
Digging Depth 28.5 in

Optimal Action

You can quickly dig and sift through debris such as rocks and roots with the curve rake profile, allowing you to move on to more pressing jobsite needs.

Save Transportation and Dumping Costs

Our excavator rake is designed to reduce the amount of dirt collected with the load, allowing you to leave valuable topsoil while saving money on fuel and dumping fees.

Made for Each Other

Unlike other rakes, the Cat Excavator Rake is designed to not only to utilize the power of your Cat Excavator, but it is also designed to mesh with Cat Thumbs without tooth-to-tooth contact providing you with additional material handling capabilities