MP318 Universal Jaw

Cycle Time - Open 1 s
Cycle Time - Close 1 s
Crushing Force - Primary Cutter 299 Sh Ton
Crushing Force - Cutter Tip 167 Sh Ton
Crushing Force - Tooth Tip 96 Sh Ton

Hydraulic Requirements
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 5076 psi
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 40 gal/min
Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 2031 psi
Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 11 gal/min

Dimensions - Jaw
Jaw Depth 22 in
Cutter Length 16 in
Jaw Opening - Maximum 18 in
Jaw Width - Fixed 15 in
Jaw Width - Moveable 8 in

Dimensions - Housing + Jaw
Length 79 in
Height 50 in
Width 31 in

Weight - Housing, Jaw and Bracket 4334 lb
Weight - Jaw Only 1668 lb

Universal Jaw

Versatile Concrete Cutter
Designed for downsizing concrete ahead of a crusher; precision demolition; or sectioning concrete for transport

Unique Shape
Ripper tooth cracks the concrete. Full length blades both cut the concrete, and trim the rebar cleanly to the edge of the cut.

50% Faster Cycle Time

Speed Booster
New speed booster technology dynamically shifts hydraulic force from speed to boost mode, depending on need.

On open, oil is quickly recycled. Speed means less time waiting for jaw to open, or close to contact.

When the jaw meets resistance, the jaw force drastically increases, for maximum crushing and cutting force.

Upto 19% More Force

Booster Technology
Hydaulic force is magnified when the jaw contacts material, quickly making the cut. Cut more per hour, ship more per shift, make more every day.

Compact Design
Center of gravity is kept as close as possible to the machine, letting you mount more power even on smaller excavators.

Integrated System
Cat Multi-Processors are designed for Cat Excavators. Programs for the MP are built into the Next Gen Cat operator display. Get maximum performance and total support with a complete Cat demolition solution.

15-minute Jaw Change

Jaw Locking System
Innovative jaw locking allows a single operator to easily change jaws in 15-minutes or less. Requires only standard hand tools.

Jaw Stand
Every jaw sits stable, even on the roughest work site, on the included jaw stand. Jaw stands fit any jaw of the same MP model size.

Durable and Maintainable

Replaceable Wear Parts
MP Jaws are protected with easily changed, individually replaceable wear parts. Protect your investment and maintain performance, quickly and economically.

Reversible Blades
Get two or four uses from every blade! Most cutting blades can be flipped in two ways, to use four different cutting edges. Get more production per cutter.

Protected Cylinder
Cylinder rod is armored to prevent damage, even when deep into debris. Main cylinder body is protected deep inside the housing.

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