Cat® Brushcutters are used for clearing overgrowth from highway medians, utility easements and for initial land clearing for housing, parks and recreational areas.

Overall Width 80 in
Cutting Width 78 in
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 150-280 bar (2176-4065 psi)
Overall Height 21 in
Overall Length 91 in
Required Hydraulic Flow 76-130 L/min (20-34 gpm)
Tip Speed (Depends On Flow) (fpm) 13,700-19,790 fpm
Weight 1180 lb
Maximum Cutting Diameter 3 in
Motor Displacement 12 in³/rev
Required Hydraulics High Flow XPS

Blades and Blade Carriers

High strength blades deliver high cutting action, durability and also mulch overgrowth. Fully balanced blade carriers prevent unnecessary vibration. Tapered blade carrier allows cutter to ride up over stumps and rocks.

Long Life Motors and Gears

Long life motors deliver years of high-speed blade performance. Machined and heat treated gears in sealed gearbox provide reliable, durable transfer of torque from motor to blade carrier.

Motor Protection Guard

Motor protection guard shields motor and gear box from debris. Removing a set of bolts allows this hinged guard to be moved away for easy access to motor and gearbox.

Galvanized Coil Chains

Galvanized coil chains (7.9 mm [5/16 in] proof) provide debris guarding in the front and rear areas to restrict flying debris and material.

Heavy-Duty SKids

Heavy-duty skids allow easy movement of the brushcutter through uneven terrain while maintaining stability of the work tool and machine.