G3516C Generator Set

Generator Sets Specification
Maximum Continuous Rating 1675 ekW

Generator Set Specifications
Fuel Type Natural Gas

Generator Sets Specifications
Maximum Electrical Efficiency 40.00%
Maximum Standby Rating 1500
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
RPM 1500/1800

Engine Specifications
Engine Model G3516C
Displacement 4210
Aspiration TA
Bore 6.7 in
Stroke 7.5 in

Generator Set Dimensions
Length 219 in
Width 72 in
Height 92 in
Dry Weight - Genset 31226 lb


Meets most worldwide emissions requirements down to 0.5 g/bhp-hr Nox level without aftertreatment

Full Range of Attachments

Wide range of bolt-on system expansion attachments, factory designed and tested Flexible packaging options for easy and cost effective installation

World Wide Product Support

Cat dealers provide extensive post-sale support including maintenance and repair agreements. Cat dealers have over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries. The Caterpillar S•O•S℠„ program cost effectively detects internal engine component condition, even the presence of unwanted fluids and combustion by-products

CAT SR4B Generator

Designed to match performance and output characteristics of Caterpillar gas engines. Industry leading mechanical and electrical design. High efficiency

CAT EMCP4.3 Control Panel

The EMCP controller features the reliability and durability you have come to expect from your Cat equipment. EMCP4.3 is a scalable control platform designed to ensure reliable generator set operation, providing extensive information about power output and engine operation. EMCP4.3 systems can be further customized to meet your needs through programming and expansion modules.

Proven System

Field proven in a wide range of apllications worldwide, fully protype tested, and certified torsional vibration analysis available

CAT G3516C Gas Engine

Robust high speed block design provides prolonged life and lower owning operationg costs. Designed for maximum performance on low pressure pipeline natural gas. Simple open chamber combustion system for reliability and fuel flexibility. Leading edge technology in ignition system and air/fuel ratio control for lower emission and engine efficiency. One electronic control module handles all engine functions: ignition, governing, air/fuel ratio control and engine protection

CAT electronic control system

Simple user friendly interface and navigation. Digital monitoring, metering and protection setting. Fully-featured power metering and protective relaying. Remote control and monitor capability options

Standard Equipment

Air Inlet
  • Two-element single-stage air cleaner with enclosure and service indicator
Control Panel
  • EMCP 4.3
  • Engine driven water pumps for jacket water and aftercooler
  • Jacket water and SCAC driven pumps and bypass lines
  • Jacket water and SCAC thermostat and outlet--ANSI 6 in/DN150
  • 2nd Stage SCAC-Cat Flange
  • ANSI Class 6 in/DN customer flange connections for JW inlet and outlet
  • Dry exhaust manifolds, insulated and shielded
  • Cat-flanged face outlet on turbocharger
  • Provides exhaust port temperatures and stack temperature to customer supplied screen via CCM
  • Integrated Sensing Module (ISM)
Fuel System
  • Throttle plate, 24V DC actuator, controlled by ECM
  • Fuel system is sized for 31.5 to 47.2 MJ/NM3 dry pipeline natural gas with pressure of 10.2 to 34.5KPa to the engine fuel control valve
  • Engine installed, fuel metering valve
  • 24V ETR Gas Shutoff Valve
  • Fuel Filter
Ignition System
  • Electronic Ignition System (controlled by ECM) 
  • Individual Cylinder Detonation Sensitive Timing (DST) 
  • SR4B
  • 3-phase brushless, salient pole
  • Permanent Magnet Excitation
  • Caterpillar's Digital Voltage Regulator (CDVR) with 3-phase sensing and KVARIPF control
  • Class H Insulation & Class F temperature rise
  • Anti-condensation space heater
  • Bus bar connections
  • Reactive Droop
  • Winding temperature detectors
  • Crankshaft Vibration Damper and Guard
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • RH Service
  • Parts Book

Optional Equipment

Air Inlet
  • Enclosure mounting brackets and piping
  • Air cleaner with precleaner
  • Vertical, horizontal dual element air cleaner
Control Panel
  • Local NFPA99-110 Alarm Module w/LEDs
  • Custom 8-Light Alarm Module
  • Synchronizing Module
  • Engine Failure Relay
  • PL1000E/PL1000T Communications Module
  • Remote 24V 8/16 Light Annunciator
  • Aftercooler air lines, aftercooler core replacement
  • Jacket water coolant heater
  • Engine Pumps
  • Inlet/Outlet connections
  • Cat Flange, ANS/DIN Adapter Flange
  • 406 mm flange kits
  • 356-406mm Flange and Exhaust Expander
  • 14" Flange Kit
  • 406 mm Elbow Kits
  • Mufflers (15/18/25 dBA Attenuation) and spark-arresting muffler with ANSI companion flanges
  • Flexible Fittings
  • 15/18/25 dBA Muffler Attenuation
  • 16" Spark Arresting Muffler
Fuel System
  • 14-69 kPa (2-10 psi) gas pressure regulator
  • 207-276kPa, 30-40 psi gas knockdown regulator
  • Fuel Filter, Gas Filter
  • 24VDC Gas Shutoff Valve, Gas Knockdown Regulator
  • Low voltage extension box
  • Cable access box
  • Bearing temperature detectors
  • Generator air filter
  • Medium and high voltage generators and attachment
  • 8.7/15 kV Cross, Differential, Current Transformers (CCCT, DCT, CT)
  • Annunciator Modules
  • 415/400/380, 3300/6600/11000 Volt Generator Options (50 Hz)
  • 480/4160/13200 Volt Generator Options (60 Hz)
  • Generator Removal
  • European Bus Bars
Governing System
  • Load share module
  • Barring group
  • US AID Emblem
  • Special paint order
  • Tool set
  • Digital diagnostic tool
  • Battery with cables and rack (shipped loose)
  • Jacket water coolant heater
  • 60A, 24V charging alternator (requires engine driven pumps)
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • 20A battery charger
  • Battery removal


Andy Downs
423-463-2131 or 423-698-6943

Neal Reinhardt
865-595-1034 or 865-771-1036