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All Bandit chippers are primarily hand-built by specialists, utilizing the highest quality components and assembled with solid, welded construction. That’s why Bandit hand-fed chippers have earned the reputation for simply being the best hand-fed chippers on the market, and that’s why Stowers Machinery chooses to offer these machines as an option for their customers.


Companies seeking a highly productive, compact drum-style chipper turn to Model 990XP. This 12-inch capacity hand-fed chipper features a large 13-inch by 17-inch throat opening, allowing it to easily process large brush stacks, limbs and trees up to its rated capacity.


The Bandit Model 990XP is specifically designed for municipalities, rental companies and tree services looking for a high-performance, compact chipper to rapidly process brush, limbs and small trees. The solid steel welded construction, proven feed system, durable components, and chip throwing technologies on the Model 990XP make it one of the most productive and reliable 12-inch capacity drum-style chippers available on the market today.


Powerful dual feed wheels mounted in Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System provide direct down pressure to material entering the chipper, delivering the legendary feeding performance all Bandit chippers are known for. As a result, very little trim work is typically needed before chipping, even on large forked branches.

Inside the Model 990XP is a 24-inch diameter chipping drum with extensive internal baffling. Well known for incredible durability and longevity, this drum is properly built to withstand the rigors of chipping while also providing smoother cuts and better fuel economy over other drum-style chippers in this category.

A wide range of gasoline or diesel engines from 74 to 130 horsepower are available, as are a broad range of convenience options to suit specific company needs. It rides on a single heavy-duty axle, and with an approximate weight of 5,200 pounds, it’s both maneuverable and easy to tow.


As with all Bandit chippers, the Model 990XP is designed and equipped with operator safety in mind. Numerous items such as guards, disable plugs and the patented “Last Chance Cables” are standard, while optional components like the bottom bump bar and Feed Wheel Engage system go above and beyond state and federal requirements. And when it comes to maintenance, major components are designed to be easily accessible for regular servicing, saving both time and money.

  • Horse Power: 74 to 130
  • 12-inch diameter capacity drum-style hand fed chipper
  • Solid steel welded construction
  • Proven feed system, durable components and chip throwing technologies
  • Fast feed rate of 115 feet per minute