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All Bandit chippers are primarily hand-built by specialists, utilizing the highest quality components and assembled with solid, welded construction. That’s why Bandit hand-fed chippers have earned the reputation for simply being the best hand-fed chippers on the market, and that’s why Stowers Machinery chooses to offer these machines as an option for their customers.


For a quarter century, 12-inch capacity Brush Bandit disc-style chippers have served tree care professionals and municipalities around the world. They continue to be the standard by which other disc-style chippers are measured, and the Model 200XP is no exception.


The Model 200XP is Bandit’s mid-range 12-inch disc-style chipper. The 200XP is best suited for those tree services that specialize in utility line clearance due to its faster feed rate, allowing it to quickly dispose of a wide variety of material. With plenty of pulling and compressing power to process limbs, hard-to-manage material, production is increased while trimming, chainsaw work, and the need to reposition are reduced with this feed system.


This mid-size 12-inch disc chipper is a perfect compromise between cost, capability, available options and excellent performance. It’s a favorite for municipalities and tree services seeking a powerful chipper that’s still compact and maneuverable.

The Model 200XP features the same 14-inch by 17-inch chipper throat opening as the Model 150XP and Model 200UC, but is slightly larger overall to help accommodate more options and a wider range of gasoline or diesel engines, from 74 to 142 horsepower. It rides on a single heavy-duty axle, with an average weight of approximately 5,800 pounds depending on options. It utilizes Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System with dual horizontal feed wheels, delivering direct down pressure to aggressively pull in, crush and compress limby material, branches and small trees with minimal trimming required.


As with all Bandit chippers, the Model 200XP is designed and equipped with operator safety in mind. Numerous items such as guards, disable plugs and the patented “Last Chance Cables” are standard, while optional components like the bottom bump bar and Feed Wheel Engage system go above and beyond state and federal requirements. And when it comes to maintenance, major components are designed to be easily accessible for regular servicing, saving both time and money.

Standard safety items that accommodate any chipper package include guards that cover all moving parts, engine disabling plugs, disc/drum locks, wooden push paddles, safety control bar, and other Bandit patented and patent pending devices such as the "last chance" cables.

  • Horse Power: 84.5 to 142.
  • Mid-range 12" disc-style chipper
  • Fast feed rate of 120 feet per minute  • With plenty of pulling and compressing power to process hard-to-manage material
  • Production is increased by reducing trimming, chainsaw work and the need to reposition