The Bandit Beast Model 2680 Recycler is a heavy-duty grinder with the maneuverability to move around job sites.

The Model 2680 Track Beast Recycler is designed for tree services, loggers, governmental agencies, and land clearing contractors looking for a heavy-duty grinder that can be maneuvered around job sites. Production from the Model 2680 Track can exceed 300 yards per hour depending on the material being processed, which can include  brush, logs, whole trees, stumps, logging waste, land clearing waste, construction and demolition debris, railroad ties, telephone poles, sawmill waste, pallets, slabs, bark, and chunk wood.

It features a 24-inch diameter capacity with its 24-inch x 60-inch mill opening and engine options ranging from 440 to 540 horsepower. The Model 2680 Track sits atop a Cat® Model 320L steel track undercarriage with 600 mm, 23 5/8-inch wide track pads in either a single or double grouser format.

Check out the video below to learn more about the features and benefits of the Bandit Model 2680 Track Beast Recycler.


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