Caterpillar continues to update and expand its product line, so there's a lot to learn to take care of our customers' equipment.


Training is one of the keys to the success of our employees. When you join Stowers Machinery Corporation, you can expect to receive training every year. In fact, each Stowers' service technician typically receives more than 40 hours of training in a year.

We go beyond training to career planning. Service managers and parts managers review and adjust each employee's personal training plan at least once per year, purposefully directing employee training to help you reach your goals faster and serve our customers better.

We also have programs for people who don't have little to no previous experience. If you want to work in our parts department, we can train you to find parts, drive a forklift, put up stock, and handle backorders from Caterpillar.  If you want to become a service technician, we can enroll you in our Service Technician apprentice program -- called ThinkBig -- where you can earn money while you learn to work on some of the world's most powerful equipment.