Lokotrack® ST3.5™ mobile screen

Lokotrack® ST3.5™ is designed with compact transportation dimensions, high-quality components, and to meet the latest global health and safety legislation. It is powered by CAT® engine and available with Bi-Power when operating with external electricity.

Reliable Lokotrack® ST3.5™ mobile screen

Lokotrack® ST3.5™ mobile screen is at its best producing calibrated aggregates on a construction site. It can also operate in a multi stage crushing processes.

Typical application for Lokotrack® ST3.5™ is screening natural sand, but optional vibrating grid increases flexibility in other applications as well.

With Lokotrack® ST3.5™ mobile screen the material is fed by excavator, wheel loader or conveyor. Depending on application, vibrating grid or rock box can be used in a feed hopper. Lifting conveyor takes material to double deck screen from which fines and wing conveyors take material to end product piles.

Low cost per ton

Lokotrack® ST3.5™ mobile screen is designed to achieve the lowest sustainable cost per ton and it has unmatched efficiency and capacity in its size class.

Minimized stock holding costs

The high capacity two-bearing two-deck screen box is equipped with interchangeable screen meshes minimizing customer stock holding costs.

Improved safety

Work safety is ensured by the built-in safety features of all the components, structural solutions and low voltage control system.


CAT® diesel engine, together with an efficient hydraulic system, enables trouble-free and cost-efficient operation also in demanding applications and extreme climate conditions.

Compact dimensions and low transport weight add value through lower transport costs.