Landoll PT40

Precision Telehandler for Sale

Are you ready to invest in a piece of heavy equipment that will maximize your productivity and safety on job sites? We know how much time and effort you put into finding the best machinery and the best prices for your business, which is why we strive to deliver high-quality equipment solutions from top manufacturer product lines. Check out our Landoll PT40 for sale to find out how this machine can help you move the heaviest loads with the highest level of precision.

What Are the Capabilities of a Precision Telehandler?


Telehandlers are most commonly used in construction and industrial applications to move heavy objects. While forklifts and cranes can also serve this purpose, telehandlers are beneficial because they’re stronger and more efficient than other types of lifts. These machines also have more versatile arms and are capable of reaching hard-to-access areas.


The industrial telehandler for sale from Stowers CAT is capable of lifting up to 40,000 pounds of material 20 feet off the ground. This makes it suitable for an impressive range of applications, and its advanced technology will help ensure safety and efficiency for all who use it. Some of the benefits provided by our high-capacity telehandler equipment include:


  • A variety of convenient functions and features: This precision telehandler is optimized with all the latest functions and features from Landoll to help you better manage every project. Thanks to high-power hydraulics, excellent traction, color LCD displays, automated cooling fans and more, you can rely on the Landoll PT40 for better performance.
  • Compact size and brute strength: Because of its compact design, our industrial telehandler for sale can handle projects with specific limitations. Furthermore, it’s also powerful enough to take on heavy-duty tasks in more demanding jobs. This capability helps you save resources and improve fleet effectiveness.
  • Increased safety and ease of use: The Landoll PT40 is designed to reduce noise, move at a safe RPM and offer cab security so that your workers feel safe during operations. Automated components and convenient controls also help simplify lifting and rigging processes, making tasks easier for users.
  • High-quality Stowers service and support: Order a precision telehandler today, and you'll have access to Stowers CAT services from any of our locations in Tennessee. We offer everything from product support and preventive maintenance to field services.



Uses of the Landoll PT40


The Landoll PT40 operates in job sites both big and small, and it's equipped to fit your strictest specifications. You can use telehandlers for all types of moving and rigging applications. For instance, experts in the machinery moving and rigging industry may use a high capacity telehandler to move heavy loads in manufacturing and industrial applications — especially areas that are harder to reach like high platforms or lofts.


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For better safety and improved lifting performance, order the Landoll PT40 we have for sale today. We are your trusted source for industrial telehandlers in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. Request a quote for pricing, or contact us online or at 865-546-1414 to learn more.

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