Originally designed by a road contractor for the construction industry, the Cat® TS225 Towed Scraper delivers outstanding performance and legendary durability. High-strength, abrasion-resistant steel in the scraper bowl minimizes wear. The rugged hitch, tongue, and structural design ensure long life in the toughest job site conditions. The exclusive walking-beam axle provides a smoother ride for the operator and a variable cutting edge angle for unmatch productivity. Designed to be pulled by Caterpillar® Track-Type Tractors or Challenger® Tractors, the Cat TS225 Towed Scraper raises the standard.

Scraper Bowl
Scraper Capacity: Heaped 23.5 yd3
Capacity - Struck 17.0 yd3
Rated Load 56400.0 lb
Width of Cut, to Router Bits 12.4 ft
Depth of Cut - max 10.3 in
Ground Clearance - max 26.0 in
Cutting Edge - thickness 0.87 in
Depth of Spread - max 29.0 in
Apron Opening 63.0 in

Brakes and Tires
Tires - qty 4
Brake Type Dry-Disc
Calipers, Lead - qty 2 per side
Calipers, Trail - qty 2 per side
Tire - Standard 26.5R25

Pull Unit Recommendations
Hydraulic Services Required - Single Scraper 3
Hydraulic Services Required - Tandem Scraper 6
Steel Track-Type Tractor, Single Scraper D8
Steel Track-Type Tractor, Tandem Scrapers D10
Rubber Tracked Ag Tractor, Single Scraper 298 - 373 kW (400 - 500 hp)
Rubber Tracked Ag Tractor, Tandem Scrapers 373 - 447 kW (500 - 600 hp)
Rubber Tired Ag Tractor, Single Scraper 298 - 373 kW (400 - 500 hp)
Rubber Tired Ag Tractor, Tandem Scrapers 298 - 373 kW (500 - 600 hp)

Empty Weight 33620.0 lb
Distribution, Empty - Tongue 28.0 %
Distribution, Empty - Axle 72.0 %
Distribution, Loaded - Tongue 29.0 %
Distribution, Loaded - Axle 71.0 %

Width - inside of bowl 143.0 in
Width - outside rear tires 154.0 in
Width - outside bowl 157.0 in
Height - overall shipping 99.0 in
Height - Floor to top of Ejector 76.0 in
Height - Sidewall 48.0 in
Height - Ground to Cutting Edge - max 31.9 in
Length - max 405.0 in
Length - Floor 53.0 in

Front Bowl Cylinder Bore 5.5 in
Front Bowl Cylinder Stroke 20.0 in
Rear Bowl Cylinder Bore 6.0 in
Rear Bowl Cylinder Stroke 8.0 in
Apron Cylinder Bore 4.0 in
Apron Cylinder Stroke 38.0 in
Ejector Cylinder Bore 5.0 in
Ejector Cylinder Stroke 48.0 in

Scraper Bowl
Unmatched Durability.

High-Strength Bowl Design
The scraper bowl is constructed using L-shaped box sections of high strength steel for superior strength and dent resistance. The floor is a box-section structure made from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel for maximum strength during top loading and rigidity during intermittent push loading. High-strength, abrasion-resistant steel is used throughout the inside of the bowl for maximum wear resistance.

Center Lift Design
The center lift design improves the strength and durability by placing the hydraulic cylinders between the tongue and spreader tube. This eliminates the need for draft arms, reducing weight and complexity.

Cutting Edges
Common Cat Wheel Tractor-Scraper cutting edges and router bits are used to ensure exceptional performance and great availability. The center cutting edge is in the stinger (drop down) position for good penetration and efficient material flow into the bowl. When worn, the cutting edges can be rotated by 180 degrees, doubling the life.

The ejector is constructed from a single plate of high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel. The ejector extends beyond the front edge of the scraper floor to minimize carryback. To minimize wear, the ejector weight is carried on steel rollers supported by a wear strip welded to the bowl floor. At the sides, alignment is maintained by Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastic guides.

Depth Indicator
A depth indicator is mounted on trailing scrapers to provide the operator a visual reference to scraper cut depth.

Tongue and Hitch
Built rugged for extreme durability.

Hitches for Cat® Tractors
Robust hitches are available for Cat® Track-Type Tractors and Challenger® MTS800 / MTS900 Series Tractors. See your Caterpillar dealer for hitches for other pulling machines.

Rugged Hitch
To prevent pin wear, the hitch uses a massive 89 mm (3.5 in) pin securely held in place with eight bolts. The hitch platform, positioned between the pulling machine and the tongue, contains two pins that allow ± 45 degrees of side to side oscillation (or roll), ± 90 degree turns (yaw), and ± 27 degrees of uphill/downhill movement (pitch). An integrated stop block allows a 90 degree turning radius while preventing contact between the tongue and the pulling machine tires/tracks. An adapter is available to convert the scraper hitch for pulling drawn implements, such as disk harrows and sheepfoot compactor rollers.

Robust, Straight-Line Design
Built from 13 mm (0.5 inch) structural plate steel, the tongue is built to withstand the high drawbar forces imposed by track-type tractors pulling towed scrapers. The straight-line design eliminates draft arms, hydraulic cylinders, and lines located outside the width of the bowl, improving the overall strength to most effectively transfer the drawbar power to the cutting edges.

Countersunk Tandem Hitch
A countersunk hitch is provided in the push block of lead scrapers, allowing the scraper to be push loaded when a second scraper is not used.

Tough components for tough applications.

Hose and Couplings
Cat XT™ -3 ES (Enhanced Spiral) hose is used. Cat XT-3 ES hose has an exclusive cover formulated and manufactured by Caterpillar to provide up to 20 times more abrasion resistance than industry-standard hose. Cat XT-3 ES hose works at half of the SAE's bend radius without sacrificing cold flex capability. As additional protection all exposed hydraulic lines are solidly secured with rubber-lined clamps, protecting the hoses from failure caused by rubbing. All hydraulic hose and lines use O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings for maximum leak prevention.

Steel Hydraulic Lines in Scraper Bowl Walls
Brake lines and hydraulic lines for the rear scraper in tandem arrangements use steel lines inside the scraper bowl walls - eliminating hose damage caused by material in the bowl or during top loading.

Hose Fittings
Three hose fitting options are available: • 19 mm (3/4 in) poppet-style • 13 mm (1/2 in) poppet-style • Threaded flat-face connectors Threaded flat-face connectors, available exclusively on Cat Towed Scrapers, allow connection and disconnection under pressure and are less susceptible to wear caused by hose movement.

Lower the costs of Challenger® Tractors in scraper applications.


Rubber Track Guides
Rubber Track Guides for Challenger MTS800 Series Tractors center the rubber tracks on roller wheels, and help prevent the track from moving into the machine or detracking, avoiding expensive downtime. The track guides extend the service life of the belt as the side-loading on the belt guide blocks is reduced. Detracking is generally caused by sharp turns, usually under load. The rubber track guides can minimize tractor damage caused by detracking, but are not a replacement for sound operating techniques. Your Caterpillar Dealer can provide training in proper towed scraper operation.

Hydraulic Hose Hanging Tower Kit
The hydraulic hose hanging tower kit for Challenger MTS800 and MTS900 Series Tractors allows the hoses to move freely and eliminate entanglement while maintaining vertical alignment. This reduces hose fitting and valve wear for increased service life.

Exclusive Cat Features.

Walking Beam Suspension
The TS225 uses a four-tire arrangement with independent walking-beam load transferring axles. The exclusive design gives the scraper a smoother ride, reduced side-to-side sway and easier finish grading.

Adjustable Cutting Angle
The TS225 is equipped with an additional pair of lift cylinders at the rear of the scraper. An experienced operator can use this exclusive feature to "fine-tune" the cutting depth for improved productivity. Steepen the cutting angle while drop cutting or during push loading. Use a shallower cut when loading lighter materials such as sand or dry topsoil.

Wheels, Brakes
Raising the Standards.

Standard Brakes - Construction-Grade
Standard heavy-duty brakes bring a new level of safety to the job site. Each machine is equipped with four calipers. The hydraulically-actuated, dry-disc brakes are identical to the brakes used on Cat D400E Articulated Trucks.

Standard Radial Tires
Standard radial tires reduce rolling resistance and provide excellent flotation and durability. Heavy-duty, five-piece rims ensure a long service life. Wheel hubs are oil-filled and sealed with Cat Duo-Cone™ seals.

Customer Support
Unmatched support makes the difference.

Your Cat dealer is read to assist you with your purchase decision and everything after.
• Make comparisons of machines with estimates of component life, preventative maintenance and cost of production. • Financing packages are flexible to meet your needs. • Your Cat dealer can evaluate the cost to repair, rebuild and replace your machine, so you can make the right choices. • Most Cat dealers offer operator training to help you get the most out of your machine investment • For more information on Cat products, the variety of dealer services, and industry solutions, visit us at www.cat.com.

Standard Equipment

  • Capacity, heaped, 23.5 yd³
  • Capacity, struck, 17 yd³
  • Center Lift System
  • Cutting Edges, Reversible
  • Router Bits
  • UHMW Plastic Alignment Guides
  • Ejector Roller System
  • Variable Cutting Angle
  • Apron Lock Mechanism
  • Hitch Pin, 89 mm (3.5 in) diameter
  • Hitch platform
  • Integrated stop blocks
  • Rear hitch countersunk in push block for tandem operation (Lead)
  • Literature Storage Container
  • Cat® XT™-3 ES Hose
  • Hydraulic connections for tandem operation (Lead Scraper)
  • Manual Lowering Valve
  • ORFS Fittings
  • Poppet-style Fittings, 19 mm (0.75 in)
  • Braking System (hydraulic)
  • Walking-Beam Suspension
  • 26.5 R25 Radial Tires (4)
  • Five-Piece Rim
  • Walking-Beam Transport Locks
  • Push Block
  • Rear Tow Hooks

Optional Equipment

  • Quick-Connect Fittings
  • Spare Rim



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